1. P

    Bonsoir tout le monde!

    Hello everybody, I was rude enough to post elsewhere first tut tut... Just to introduce myself if I may: I spent my working life making documentaries and other programmes, mainly with Aunty BBC and ITV but latterly, based here in Paris, I worked for broadcasters from all corners of the globe...
  2. L

    Research as a writer

    Hi there! I am a German author writing historic novels. I do a lot of research but some of my questions are unanswered. I hope to find some cracks here who can help me. And the other way round - I am glad to help anyone else. Cheers Nicci
  3. S

    Hello from a wine writer / would be historian!

    Hi! I'm new here... just posted a bit of detail in the autobiography thread . . Looking forward to some good discussions. Simon Woolf
  4. D

    Writer Needs Help About The Great Game of 19th Century

    Hello, I'm new here :) I'm an aspiring writer and am working on an historical story which involves the Scramble for Africa as background. I want to make sure I get the facts right but - lacking the knowledge that you kind people possess - worry that I've bungled it. The Benin Expedition of...
  5. Kapyong

    Did the Writer of the Epistle of James Know a Historical Jesus ?

    Greetings all, Now James was allegedly the brother of Jesus, so we would expect his letter to be chock-full of personal details about Jesus, right ? Well, guess what? The letter of James only even mentions the name "Jesus" twice in the whole letter. It has NO personal details at all. Not one...
  6. VHS

    Sima Guang (The writer of Zizhi Tongjian): Bad Chinese historian?

    Zizhi Tongjian (the loose translation can be the Mirror for Governance) is a famous historical work by Sima Guang, who was a conservative Confucian politician. I have read the original (just part of it), but it is fairly dramatized (instead of narration of events, you get small stories that...
  7. S

    Depressing Post Industrial Writer

    Greeting all from the once-great anthracite coal fields of Northeastern Pennsylvania. A depressing place, indeed, but inspiring in a way. I am a 37 year old veteran of the United States Army and the United States Marine Corps. I love both the Army and the Marine Corps and all the men and women...
  8. A

    Anderson Gentry - Science Fiction/Alternative History Writer

    Greetings everyone. I've been a history buff most of my life, and after releasing three science-fiction novels I'm about to release my first attempt at alternative history. This trilogy starts at the end of the Roman Republic and proceeds in, well, a different direction than the history we...
  9. Aineias Taktikos

    Who is your favorite writer of history?

    The question is pretty straight forward. When you reach for a history book, who is your favorite author? What qualities of his or her writing do you admire? Is it something about his/her methodologies? Tell us! (Readers here may pick up good book suggestions). Conversely, is there anyone that...
  10. M.E.T.H.O.D.

    Raimondo Montecuccoli: Military Commander and Writer

    Raimondo Montecuccoli (1609-1680),Prince and Count of the Empire, Lieutenant-General and Field Marshal, Lord of Hohenegg, Osterbug, Gleiss and Haindorf, President of the Hofkriegsrat (the Royal Council of War of the Austrian Habsburg), Great Master of artillery and fortifications, Governor of...
  11. L

    Introduction - Writer

    I just have to say that the Emoticon for beating a dead horse looks quite useful. :deadhorse: I hope no one ever has to use that one on me. ANyways.. I am usually here researching various historical facts to aid in my periodical writing projects. There is nothing worse that catching an...
  12. RoyalHill1987

    Is 'God Delusion' writer Richard Dawkins a liability?

    Richard Dawkins, the controversial Atheist and author of 'The God Delusion' has come under fire for his aggressive, confrontational approach. At a recent meeting of the Humanist Society, Dawkins was attacked by fellow atheists, who felt that he was undermining the cause by bringing atheism into...
  13. M

    Is this bust for an American writer?

    Does anyone know whose bust is this?
  14. larkin

    Most important writer from your country..

    Most important writer.. In advancement in writing style and form, social consciousness, or popularity.
  15. Brisieis

    The Most Genuine and Unbiased Writer of History...

    If there are any at all?..... Just to clarify, who do you think counts as the most genuine and unbiased source for any part of world history recorded?
  16. V

    Salutations from an aspiring writer!

    I have many historical questions and spent the past couple of days going through google searches in hope for answers. With slow progress (most likely due to my inability to specifically narrow down search results) I decided to inquire trusty old google on a history forum, which found Historum...
  17. J

    Suggestions Please - Writer

    In March of this year I started collecting large amounts of research and data from various resources: books, experts, reports, professors, authors, etc. All of this was initially to write a history book about the end of the Yuan Dynasty (The Last Yuan Emperor and the characters who influenced...
  18. M

    introducing myself - blues writer Michael Cala

    I am a writer for Blues Revue, Blues Music Magazine, NY Journal of Books. I am writing a book on Perry Bradford, Mamie Smith, and the birth of recorded blues. This looks like an excellent site to help me with research. I am also raising funds to buy Mamie Smith a gravestone; she's been in...
  19. K

    "Stalin" Conversation with English writer Wells

    Poor English translation by google.com/translate July 23, 1934 Wells. I am very grateful to you, Mr. Stalin, for what you have agreed to receive me. I was recently in the United States, had a long conversation with President Roosevelt and was trying to figure out what are its guiding ideology...
  20. A

    Hello, new guy here.

    Hey, and how are you today? I just discovered your site and I thought it'd be fun to check out. I am an aspiring alternate/speculative history story writer from the Lone Star State, and I have accounts on AlternateHistory.com & Counter-Factual.net(though not under this user name); I'm also a...