1. Historum

    Hints for Writing a Historiographical Essay

    A historiographical essay is an essay which analyzes the way a single historical topic or issue is treated by a number of authors. A historiographical essay is usually problem-centered, unlike a book review, which is centered on a single publication (even though a book review does normally make...
  2. SSDD

    Chinese languages and Chinese writing system

    Why did not Chinese phonetic or Abiguda writing system develop in China? Was it purely because China had so many languages, so developing such script would lead to linguistic division or was it because Chinese languages are tonal? Nonetheless were there ever any phonetic script in pre-modern...
  3. Z

    Writing letters to Cicero

    Hello, I am an amateur student of history. I write and read every day, as the authors of the ancient world inspire me. https://letterstocicero.blogspot.com/2018/07/dearcicero-onedrop-of-water-is-all-you.html My Blog is an ongoing collection of letters to the ancient authors, Cicero...
  4. RomaVictrix

    Earliest Mesoamerican writing system? Mayan? Zapotec? Olmec?

    This is a somewhat controversial issue. The Maya script of ancient Mexico and Guatemala is known for certain to have existed in full form by about 200 BC, but some scholars push that date way further back into the middle of the 1st millennium BC. That would make it a contemporary of the Zapotec...
  5. C

    Oldest Korean writing

    Is it the Seven Branched Sword? Or any other artefact?
  6. F

    Writing about Renaissance

    Hi to everyone. I'm the president of an amateur theatre group and last year we decided to make a play about Luigi Da Porto and Lucina Savorgnan, a story happened around 1511. This lead me to write the script, which is now over, and lead me to study the historical period... and that never...
  7. N

    Anyone good at deciphering old documents and writing?

    Hi! So after doing some research about my ancestors and such, I discovered some documents about my ancestor's (father's side) son concerning his death and such things, but the writing, oh god, is just weird! I have attached these documents and I would like to know if someone is able to decipher...
  8. L

    Ancient pictographs

    Please can someone help me with some possible origin and meanings for these pictographs/ideograms? Thanks in advance!
  9. C

    Writing A Blog

    I have decided to start writing a family history blog to record my own family tree, to promote interest in our hobby, and to hopefully find people with similar interests to my own. I have a keen interest in Military History which Is why I am on this forum, with a keen interest in particular...
  10. wayfarer

    History books' writing style

    I'm hoping to find some comfort over an issue that's turning into an obsession of mine. It's becoming harder and harder for me to read some history works. I have, over the years, grown tyrannical over a certain kind of prose. It started with fiction works. In my youth, I used to privilege...
  11. R

    The Alphabet

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen I am interested in confirming the following. 1 The Egyptians were the only civilised race in ancient times, that's before CE who had an alphabet. Three forms. Hieroglyphic, phonetic I and phonetic II. 2 The Romans and the Greeks did not have an alphabet in CE period...
  12. V

    'Vandals' and the history of writing - part 1

    'Vandals' and the history of writing.http://samlib.ru/l/lisukow_w_i/vandalsandthehistoryofwriting.shtml Psychology is a universal phenomenon, that does not depend on whether we belong to the world of science or enjoy the life as just an ordinary man. Ask any more or less educated...
  13. Son Of RA

    Nsibidi writing script and other West African scripts

    Since we're on the discussion of African writing scripts I want to help refute the myth that all of Africa especially sub Sahara Africa below the Sahel and Ethiopia never had a writing system. Nsibidi script of Southeast Nigeria very well debunks the myth that Africans below the Sahara/Sahel...
  14. VHS

    Please list all the native African writing systems!

    Currently, most of Africa use Arabic scripts and Latin letters for their written languages. Ge'ez letters can be the only native African writing system still in use today. Historically, there might be other native African writing systems, but wikipedia and duckduckgo (or ecosia) don't help much...
  15. Karl XII

    Does anybody know if Adrian Goldsworthy is writing another book on ancient Rome?

    His website hasn't been updated since he wrote Augustus in 2014. It's been two years since then, surely he must have something coming out.
  16. WhatAnArtist

    What are your thoughts on a story I'm writing about Alexander?

    It's still in the early stages (I've only written a few pages), but I'm curious as to what the Historum community thinks of my idea for it. The working title is "A Week in Marakanda", and it's basically a mostly fictionalised (but with several real events spread throughout) account of a...
  17. EAdama

    African Writing

    Drawing inspiration from Son of Ra's thread, http://historum.com/middle-eastern-african-history/58840-diversity-early-african-architecture-ruins-thread.html, I thought it would be a good idea to continue to dispell myths surrounding the history of Africa. We all know of the Egyptian scripts...
  18. M

    Writing about early 1900 Europe [Help]

    ♪ Hey everyone! I'm Michael and mine newest writing project's storyline is set in early 1900 Europe and it's developing eventually into depths of first world war! I've been looking and studying for history for while and then I found this forum and I'm hoping someone could help me little...
  19. A

    New discovery of roman writing tablets

    A large number of writing tablets have been found in London. If they are as informative about Roman civilian life in Britain as the pervious large find of roman military life at Vindolanda, they should make interesting reading. Ancient Roman texts shed light on earliest Londoners in one of UK's...
  20. B

    Evidence of writing in the Vedic literature?

    Indologist Koenraad Elst challenged the notion widely accepted amongst indologist circles that the Vedic literature was composed by an "illiterate" society. He points to a few shlokas and hymns from the Vedic literature which, he believes, contain references to the use of writing. In his own...