1. K

    If the invasion of Panama was wrong, why didn't the world protect Panama?

    According to wikipedia, the invasion of Panama provoked an international outrage, so why didn't the world stop America and defended Panama?
  2. K

    If the Vietnam war was wrong, why didn't the world stop America?

    And when I say stop, I don't mean to protest it but actually stop it...... sanction America, blockade America, sever alliances and treaties with America, threaten America, protect Vietnamese, protect Vietnam?
  3. R

    Why does the West think it is wrong for the government to try to regulate morality?

    Why does the West think that it is wrong for the government to regulate morality? If you look at Confucian moral philosophy it clearly think otherwise and it thinks that the government should have a hand in promoting good moral order among its citizens, and that government should use the force...
  4. Z

    Morally who was wrong in conflict between muhammad and pagan meccans.

    This question came to my mind when i was discussing charlie hebdo's murder,my muslim friend said that it was right to kill him as he insulted islam and their god and was doing so purposely just to incite muslims. I asked him whether or not meccans were right to persecute muhammad as muhammad was...
  5. M

    Are Articles of Confederation taught wrong?

    As a student, it was, the de-centralized highly federalized agreement was a failure in the face of various rebellions/issues, it lacked the institutional powers of the later US constitution, specifically executory and other powers which gave it the weight necessary to carry out it's functions...
  6. Azad67

    What Padmavati Gets Wrong About Alauddin Khilji

    Padmavati - What Does The Movie Get Wrong About Alauddin Khilji
  7. N

    Is there any literary evidence has been proved wrong based on archaeological finds?

    Hi everyone, an essay question asks me to find archaeological evidence which could prove the record of ancient literacy is wrong (about the Athenian Empire or more general the fifth-century Athens). But I don't know where to start since the teacher does not want to provide us any bibliography...
  8. Ranefer

    How comes most old egyptian names are spelled wrong in english?

    I find this interesting, because the english names often do only slightly sound like their real names. A good example is the Queen you name Nefertiti. In reality her name was spoken like "Naftata". Anotehr example is the name Thutmose. It was spoken Tahutmes. Thats how we call them and it comes...
  9. skapeti

    Darwin is wrong about Evolution.

    In a way this is a philisophical and even a historical matter... it just goes too far, what do you thing you thinking people? Z6ElA0--JNg I belive an evolution take place the way Darwin suggests but is not just that, lot more things going on there that we have no idea
  10. R

    What went wrong in the Dutch Republic?

    It seems to me, as it did to Spinoza and many other liberals of the time, that the 17th century Dutch Republic was almost a Utopia for that era, an oasis of personal liberty and tolerance in a desert of oppressive absolute monarchies. Yet the guiding lights of that Republic, Jan and Cornelius De...
  11. X

    Is China heading in the wrong direction?

    Hello I must say about me that I'm a fan of the chinese culture and history. And as ,,supporter" reading all the news about China from the last years, I'm wondering in what direction china is heading. The government (Xi's administration) looks more and more militaristic and totalitarian. On...
  12. C

    The Manhattan Project History Is Wrong

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  13. Porter Rockwell

    Was Churchill wrong in his policy toward Stalin?

    I'm reading Churchill's six volume "history" about WW2. In Volume 4, a lot of the correspondence between Churchill and Stalin is quoted. Hitler attacked Russia in total violation of the treaty signed between them and Russia was on the ropes (at least initially) with both Leningrad and Moscow...
  14. E

    Born in the wrong century

    Good morning, all. I come from a world in which my historical interests are rather eclectic, from the history of the Spanish Conquest, to the Crusades, to the Conquest of England. (A lot of conquering, I notice...) In any event, I hope to be a frequent guest here on HISTORUM. Have a great day...
  15. civfanatic

    Why is Fascism objectively wrong?

    For those who believe that fascism is an objectively wrong or immoral ideology, please explain why. I myself do not believe that fascism is objectively wrong, and I think it it has many attributes that are more desirable than a democracy.
  16. notgivenaway

    why is it wrong to have prejudices?

    if a person hates Arabs, or gays, or blacks, or whites, or women, or christians/muslims/ etc., why is it wrong? who says there needs to be right and wrong in life anyhow?
  17. P

    Is it wrong to call Hitler a German?

    Do you consider Hitler to be a German? Hitler was born in Austria, a fact he never denied. However, he considered himself German and believed Austria should have been part of the fairly new nation-state of Germany. The Nazis published material that stated Hitler was born outside of Germany...
  18. R

    correct me if im wrong :)

    If the Mujahideen declared fatwa or holy decree why didn't the United States left Afghanistan before Bin ladin starts his group Al Qauda. Also Donald Rumsfeld and Bush administration was just interested in taking Iraq, became obsessed with Saddam and got distracted from the war in Afganistan and...
  19. M

    Beware - some sources get dates and ages wrong?

    For example, I just checked and saw that King Edward V of England was born on November 2, 1470, and his brother Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York and Norfolk, was born on August 17, 1473. They were seen in the Tower less and less until they disappeared from public sight at the end of...
  20. Garlaban

    Africa: What Went Wrong?

    Let's take Zimbabwe as an example. Under European rule, Zimbabwe was an industrial giant which spawned a strong manufacturing sector, iron and steel industries, and modern mining ventures. After removing the "oppresive" Whites, now it pleads for $1.5bn in food aid to prevent mass starvation...