1. Underground

    Invasion of Poland by Germany and Soviet Russia in 1939

    In September 1939 Berlin and Moscow jointly attacked Poland, starting the World War 2. They split Polish land into two parts and established brutal control including mass executions, deportation, etc. In addition, the Red Army occupied Western Belarus and Western Ukraine. It is...
  2. P

    If Russia had to fight German alone in WW2, would it win?

    Many people all over the internet say that it was the Russians who beat Germany and won WW2 and other countries help was negligible, so, if Russia was to fight the Germans alone, would it win?
  3. G

    WW2 or ww1 German whistle please someone identify !!!!

    Hello what is the year of this whistle I am not sure if it's from ww1 or 2 and it's Mark polizie I guess it's German for police any help is appreciated thanks.
  4. A

    Animated Maps of WW2

    I found a good channel on Youtube that has some very well put together maps of various fronts in WW2, which do a great job of showing the immensity of the war, and how operational campaigns and even strategy were formed. Well worth the watch, especially if you have a background of knowledge...
  5. RidiculousName

    Did the USSR use Bazookas in WW2?

    I like to play an RTS called Company of Heroes 2. In it, the Soviets do not carry anything like bazookas, being restricted to PTRS AT rifles to bring down light tanks and vehicles. I don't think this game is realistic, but it made me wonder if the Soviets used any anti-tank weapons like bazookas...
  6. T

    Caribbean Armed Forces in WW2?

    Hi all, I am currently looking for information on the armed forces (army, navy and air force) of or within the following British Caribbean colonies during ww2 or from the mid-30's to early 50's. I have put the information that I have collected myself next to them Bahamas- Canadian Garrison-...
  7. D

    Chinese Movie ww2 Air Combat over China with Bruce Willis

    I would have prefered to see the flying tigers. But if this is historical and not just hollywood china myth then I am all for it. I know very little of the Chinese air force during ww2. I thought they must have been fairly impotent. It seems they are flying Russian I-16s with a P40 from the...
  8. D

    New T34 movie - Did Russians use convicts to man T34 tanks in ww2?

    There is a new movie coming in 2018. A Russian production. The trailer seems to show what seem to be criminals manning a T34 for some sort of suicide mission. Now I know the Russians had Penal battalions they used for a lot of dangerous duties. But I would have thought tank crews would be more...
  9. T

    How much the Polish Air Force contributed in WW2 ?

    Introduction I guess everybody is well-acquainted of the fact that the Polish Air Force played a key role in the Allied cause of WW2. However, do you know how much extent of the Polish pilots' involvement during the war ? Not only they fought in the Battle of Britain with distinction, but also...
  10. M

    WW2 MWD Military Work Dogs

    Hello from Wisconsin ! Thank you for having me . My main interest in this forum is to learn more information on Military Work Dogs and their stories . I have read several books about MWD's from WW2 to the present . I have 4 years worth of letters from a Glenn Ormsom from Wisconsin about his...
  11. R

    How much did moral decisions play a part in WW2

    How much did morality play a part in the great decisions in WW2, vs. amoral realpolitik? Was the decision to demand unconditional surrender for Germany partly based on how morally odious the Nazis were, even if a seperate peace with Germany would save Eastern and Central Europe from Communism...
  12. W

    German states post WW2

    Good evening! This post is about post WW2 boundaries. I was doing genealogy research tonight and I have conflicting information. Hours later, I wonder if it is due to post war boundaries. If anyone can assist, it is most appreciated. Here is my question. It says that my distance relative was...
  13. W

    Knee mortars vs rifle grenades in ww2

    In the second world war Japan was famous for producing a very unique weapon that was built like a mortar and can fire grenades called the type 89 grenade discharger often called the knee mortar. How did it compare to the rifle grenades of its day like the m7 rifle grenade launcher the US was using?
  14. Rodger

    Army Air Force During WW2

    My uncle was a member of the Army Air Force during WW2, serving from 1943-1946. In doing research I learned that it appears there was no actual branch of the Air Force, at least at the start of the war. Instead there was the AAF, or Army Air Force. My uncle was part of the 206 3rd BU, with "BU"...
  15. K

    Can someone explain British NavCert during WW2?

    The British NavCert system is something I've often seen mentioned when reading about neutral shipping during the Second World War, particularly in reference to how the Allies attempted to stop pro-Axis shipping via neutral ports. However, I'm finding this system a bit confusing to understand, so...
  16. S

    German occupation of Alsace in WW2

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and this is my first post; I'm a novelist writing a book set in Alsace 1929 - 1945 and Google isn't taking me very far with some of my queries -- I've bought a few WW2 books already but on other aspects of the area/time, I'm sure there must be books in French and...
  17. L

    Optimal Czech-German border after WW2

    Here I presented my version of optimal Polish borders after WW2: http://historum.com/european-history/136247-optimal-polish-borders-after-ww2.html In case of Czech-German border, the north-eastern part of Sudetenland (within the red frame, CZ) had to become Czech again after WW2, but...
  18. L

    Proposals for Free Lusatia after WW2

    Proposed borders of independent Lusatia after 1945, ca. 6.242 km2: https://i.imgur.com/4gk8luh.png Estimates of ethnic Sorbian/Lusatian population: Year - number of Lusatian Sorbs (source): 1790 - 250,000 (Madlena Norberg)* 1858 - 164,000 (Boguslawski) 1861 - 165,000 (Leszek Belzyt) 1880...
  19. L

    Optimal Polish Borders After WW2

    Here is my proposition of optimal Polish borders after WW2 (alternate history). Compared to present-day borders of Poland, here is what I would change: 1. From Ukraine to Poland: From the meander of the San River near settlement Żurawin (gmina Lutowiska, Zakole Nature Reserve), along the...