1. ez123

    WW2 coordinated air attacks

    Apparently it wasn't easy in WW2 to get all you air groups to arrive at the target at the same time (especially in the navy)? Why didn't they simply collect themselves into a massive group a short distance from the carriers and then fly as a group to the target? Maybe some the faster...
  2. T

    Would a WW2 continuing many more years have led to the use of "Super heavy" tanks?

    Would a WW2 continuing many more years have led to the use of "Super heavy" tanks? During the course of world war 2 , one can see a clear tendency towards, bigger, more powerful tanks as the war progresses. Take for instance, the German Panzer II, their mainstay at the beginning of the...
  3. BloodyPirate

    Hand To Hand Combat during WW2?

    Who had the better hand to hand combat techniques during the war? Who won more engagements? I heard the Russians kicked the Germans arse in that category. How did the Americans, Canadians, British, perform?
  4. T

    What would German society look like a few decades after a victory in WW2

    Say the USSR collapses after the German blitzkrieg of 41/42. Say that Germany even manages to stay out of the war with the US by coming to an agreement with the British and not declaring war after the Japanese attack Pearl Harbour. For all intents and purposes Fascism has prevailed in...
  5. M

    Student Questions about the WW2 Draft

    Heyyy so I've posted in like two other forums but I have got no answers yet and I really need some help on WW2 research. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, or if I am doing this all wrong. I'm trying very hard, and after weeks of trying to get all my questions answered, I am hoping I...
  6. T

    The Chinese nationalists triumph after WW2, how is world history affected?

    In our time, it was Mao Zedong who would take power in 1949, and forever change the shape of China, but what if this is not the case? What would the knock on effects be for East Asian geopolitics post 1945,and for the cold war in general? Would the Nationalists fall into the American camp...
  7. Andrew Bagpipe

    Jewish PM Netanyahu: not Hitler, but Arabs, wanted to exterminate the Jews in WW2

    According to Netanyahu, Hitler didn't really want to exterminate the Jews, but it was the Arab Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, was the one who planted the idea of the extermination of European Jewry in Adolf Hitler's mind. Sources: Netanyahu: Hitler Didn't Want to Exterminate the...
  8. C

    Did Stalin manipulate Hitler into WW2?

    The ribbentrop-molotov pact was Molotov's initiative, Stalin made a good use of it, and finally turned out to be one of the allies. What's your take on this.
  9. C

    Is the Jewish Holocaust during WW2 unique and different from other genocides?

    Is the Jewish Holocaust during WW2 unique and/or different from other genocides that have taken place in history?
  10. Y

    What if Germany and Japan exchanged all its commanders in WW2

    In other words, the Japanese sent over all their generals, air marshalls, and admirals to Germany and commanded the German military, and Germany did the same to Japan with its commanders taking charge of the Japanese military. How would the war's outcome be different assuming all the same major...
  11. ez123

    Aiming mixed calibers on WW2 airplanes

    It seems that air resistance would slow a small caliber faster than a large caliber. Also different types of ammunitions might have different initial velocities. So how did airplanes with a mix of calibers aim at a distant target? Did these airplanes have switches so that only one caliber would...