1. R

    How much did moral decisions play a part in WW2

    How much did morality play a part in the great decisions in WW2, vs. amoral realpolitik? Was the decision to demand unconditional surrender for Germany partly based on how morally odious the Nazis were, even if a seperate peace with Germany would save Eastern and Central Europe from Communism...
  2. W

    German states post WW2

    Good evening! This post is about post WW2 boundaries. I was doing genealogy research tonight and I have conflicting information. Hours later, I wonder if it is due to post war boundaries. If anyone can assist, it is most appreciated. Here is my question. It says that my distance relative was...
  3. wigglywaffles

    Knee mortars vs rifle grenades in ww2

    In the second world war Japan was famous for producing a very unique weapon that was built like a mortar and can fire grenades called the type 89 grenade discharger often called the knee mortar. How did it compare to the rifle grenades of its day like the m7 rifle grenade launcher the US was using?
  4. Rodger

    Army Air Force During WW2

    My uncle was a member of the Army Air Force during WW2, serving from 1943-1946. In doing research I learned that it appears there was no actual branch of the Air Force, at least at the start of the war. Instead there was the AAF, or Army Air Force. My uncle was part of the 206 3rd BU, with "BU"...
  5. K

    Can someone explain British NavCert during WW2?

    The British NavCert system is something I've often seen mentioned when reading about neutral shipping during the Second World War, particularly in reference to how the Allies attempted to stop pro-Axis shipping via neutral ports. However, I'm finding this system a bit confusing to understand, so...
  6. S

    German occupation of Alsace in WW2

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and this is my first post; I'm a novelist writing a book set in Alsace 1929 - 1945 and Google isn't taking me very far with some of my queries -- I've bought a few WW2 books already but on other aspects of the area/time, I'm sure there must be books in French and...
  7. L

    Optimal Czech-German border after WW2

    Here I presented my version of optimal Polish borders after WW2: http://historum.com/european-history/136247-optimal-polish-borders-after-ww2.html In case of Czech-German border, the north-eastern part of Sudetenland (within the red frame, CZ) had to become Czech again after WW2, but...
  8. L

    Proposals for Free Lusatia after WW2

    Proposed borders of independent Lusatia after 1945, ca. 6.242 km2: https://i.imgur.com/4gk8luh.png Estimates of ethnic Sorbian/Lusatian population: Year - number of Lusatian Sorbs (source): 1790 - 250,000 (Madlena Norberg)* 1858 - 164,000 (Boguslawski) 1861 - 165,000 (Leszek Belzyt) 1880...
  9. L

    Optimal Polish Borders After WW2

    Here is my proposition of optimal Polish borders after WW2 (alternate history). Compared to present-day borders of Poland, here is what I would change: 1. From Ukraine to Poland: From the meander of the San River near settlement Żurawin (gmina Lutowiska, Zakole Nature Reserve), along the...
  10. L

    Attn: Ww2 collectors...

    My Name is Joseph McGee. I’m a local author in Connecticut whom is working on a World War II book. We are filming a short film this June / July in Massachusetts and Connecticut based on my novel. I’m wondering if any collectors would help me provide props such as below for our...
  11. PoochieMoo

    What is Switzerland Joined the Allies in WW2?

    The title is quite self explanatory. What if Switzerland joined the Allies in WW2? Would it really have made a huge difference? What about if they secretly invaded Germany's southern border without announcing their involvement in the war? Would that have even been possible, or would they have...
  12. F

    Derbyshire’s High Peak link to the most famous WW2 Battle of Britain fighter squadron

    303 Squadron is arguably the most famous Battle of Britain Fighter squadron, but their prized trophy is from action over the beautiful rural Derbyshire countryside near to where I live. See my blog for an illustrated account...
  13. DavidChandler

    Film: Visiting site of WW2 fuel refinery

    Here is a short film, looking at the site of a WW2 aviation fuel refinery. The plant produced fuel for RAF and USAF planes and played a vital role in supporting the Battle of Britain. QnhFj7vAxUQ
  14. ThePeopleProfiles

    What's your favourite German tank/Tank destroyer of WW2?

    My favourite is the Panzer IV with the upgraded long barrelled 75mm L/70 gun. In my opinion if the Germans had concentrated their efforts in producing a good all-rounder (like the soviets did with the T-34) instead of making multiple differing designs of tanks and tank destroyers they would...
  15. jameen

    WW2 Allied and Soviet forces clash

    Imagine if Allied and Soviet forces of World War 2 clash in a war w/o the use of nuclear bombs but only by means of using tanks, infantries, planes and naval assets. Who do you think will win in the end? Imagine for example if General Patton will fight the tanks of General Zhukov.
  16. ThePrioryPodcast

    Escape of Martin Bormann (WW2)

    The Priory Podcast - Ep 13: Martin Bormann For anyone that is interested in World War 2 and I'm sure there are many, I recorded a podcast with Tony Gosling, ex-BBC and Russia Today, investigative journalist and expert on the escape of Martin Bormann , Hitler's right hand man after Hess was...
  17. G

    Bayonet: A short movie about WW2

    Hi all, A friend of mine who has a deep interest in World War 2 is directing a short movie... Bayonet. While he still young, I think that his concept is quite good and, since we are in the last 24 hours of his Kickstarter project, I have decided to pledge and look for a forum with other people...
  18. The General

    Who was more disappointing during WW2? France or Italy?

    I'm not sure if disappointing is the correct term to use, but these two countries vastly underperformed their role in World War 2. While France lost in 6 weeks during the battle of France as Nazi Germany simply flanked them by going through the low countries and were kicked out of war early...
  19. Blue

    Mein Krieg - WW2 Films by German Soldiers

    Jzt0V2mhL90 According to the interviews, the Germans didn't want another world war. The films show how the German military trained their men to follow orders without question. The German soldiers didn't know about the plans to invade the Soviet Union until they reached Berlin and headed towards...
  20. Visigoth Panzer

    WWI Tanks Compared to Early WW2 Tanks

    How would WW1 tanks like the Mark IV, Renault and A7V compare to early WW1 tanks like the Panzer II or M3 Stuart? Would the Mark IV's gun be able to penetrate their armor? Could the later tanks penetrate the earliers' armor?