1. TrueHistory77

    Germany did not fight alone: it had plenty of help.

    I think it is important to remember that the Germans did not fight the Second World War alone: it had significant help from other countries and peoples. Apart from the obvious ones of Italy and Japan, hundreds of thousands of men from various European countries also assisted and fought for the...
  2. R

    What if Germany had a more pragmatic racial policy in the East in WW2

    What if the Germans had followed the conduct of the Germans in WW1 and had focused on building a puppet state in the Ukraine and the Baltic States instead of wholesale genocide of Slavs, would a lot more Ukrainians and Baltics fighting for the Whermacht in 1941 have changed the course of the war?
  3. No Bias FTW

    Worst Axis Power in Anti-Submarine Warfare/Convoy Protection/Factory Protection WW2

    Of the main (often 3) Axis powers during WW2, which had the worst protection of its industry and resources? I doubt that Germany should be included, but I included it anyways in case there is something new I could learn. Japan was notoriously bad at Anti-Submarine Warfare (through its lack of...
  4. W

    WW2 memories

    My grandfather (a Belgian)wrote down his war memories as part of my inheritance. This story took my family five years of translating from old french and visiting every single place named in it. It describes the horros of war and the general feelings of a simple but lovely man. I find it extremly...
  5. T

    German WW2 Soft Skinned Vehicles With Soft Tops

    I was wondering if anyone knows about the soft covers on WW2 German soft skinned vehicles with soft/rag tops? Specifically, I was wondering what colors the tops came from the factories and at what points during the war? I've seen both light colored and dark colored depicted in art and in...
  6. R

    Did WW2 lead to the collapse of racism?

    Did WW2 and the Holocaust lead to the ideological collapse of white racialism at least. Or the idea that white countries and offshoots had an inalienable rights to their demographics? Did the Holocaust trigger modern day Western altruism and deligitimized racism? What will a world with WW2 and...
  7. General Winter

    How Great Britain and the USA lost the victory in World War II.

    These days, when a shocking number of people on this planet possess only the most primitive grasp of the history of World War II and devoutly believe that in that great confrontation, the US and Great Britain defeated some kind of general “totalitarianism,” many are alarmed by any hint of a...
  8. Visigoth Panzer

    British Empire in Exile WW2

    If the unlikely happened and Germany conquered Britain during WW2 but the government escaped to Canada could the empire survive? Clearly it would fall apart long-term if it remained this way but say WW2 went on for over a decade (allies struggling to establish a major front against the axis)...
  9. R

    What if no Nazi Germany and no WW2 and Civil rights movement

    What will the world look now if instead of the Nazis, Germany ended up with a more militaristic right wing government that was basically it, so you have no Holocaust, no Israel, no decolonization, and no Civil Rights movement, and due to no Civil rights movement, the laws which basically banned...
  10. R

    Why is English engineering so poor after WW2

    Especially after world war 2, like like the unreliability of its electronics like Lucas, or how English sports cars in the 60s have a reputation for very good performance and for beauty but were also quite temperamental?
  11. V

    Does anybody knows why Finnish Tanks during ww2 had swastikas drawn on them ?

    I was watching some footage by Talvisota and I notised that Finnish tanks had swastikas drawn on them and I found that weird because I know that Finland was a Duchy and it had no connections to nazi ideology.Later I found that Finland fought against Germany as well and I got confused because...
  12. T

    Belgian Africa ww2

    Hi all, I am looking for information on Belgian Forces in Congo and Ruanda-Urundi in ww2. I understand that Belgian Congo provided much-needed raw materials to the allied war effort and had 40,000 Personnel in the Force Publique. But I can't find any info on the number of personnel/aircraft in...
  13. Underground

    How many Russians served in Hitler's armies?

    I was watching an interesting movie. USA, 1930s... prohibition ... and a bloody war between Italian and Irish mafias. Little talks like one side was more religious than the other side, while the other side was more family oriented... Something like that... This reminded me the discussions...
  14. M

    Kriegsmarine Surface Fleet during WW2 : Too hesistant or too weak to be effective ?

    During World War 2 while German Navy surface fleet caused concern for Allies eventually it turned out they were not as much as a threat as U-Boat arm or Luftwaffe. Especially after Norwegian Campaign and loss of Bismark German admirals did not press attacks and instead preffered to sortie...
  15. TrueHistory77

    Anglo-American Bias against the Italians during WW2

    I've heard and read that many popular WW2 history books were quite biased against the Italian war effort, even to the point of being quite dismissive and racist. For example, Anglo-American historians would high-light Allied successes while down-playing Italian ones, dismissing them as having...
  16. B

    How much support did eastern European communist parties have post WW2 1945-1950?

    Has anyone ever tried to work out how much actual support they had (e.g if there was a free election how many votes they would win). Btw I know that some of the prewar elections where relatively free.
  17. 1

    Which was more influential for the allies victory in WW2,

    Which was more influential for the allies victory in WW2, the submarine spitfire or the Sherman firefly. Struggling to compare these two vehicles would appreciate of someone could help me
  18. Visigoth Panzer

    If Italy Stayed Neutral During WW2

    If Italy stayed neutral during ww2, including not invading Greece, how would the war have differed? Obviously there would not have been an African or Mediterranean campaign but would it have made a difference in the long term?
  19. W

    worst equipped militaries of ww2

    Which militaries of WW2 would be the worst equipped including all sides big and small powers? What are some of the weapons used by Siam, Egypt Bulgaria, Romania or Hungary?
  20. Davetron the great

    How much did the United States contribute to WW2 in Europe

    What would it be like if they never entered I assume most People know 80% of Germans died on the eastern front but how much did the US Contribute to the European war ? -10% of the of the Soviet Unions War effort was from the US during the LL act and around the same for the British. -US Air...