1. VHS

    What rendered modern women's rights possible?

    Most (if not all) women and girls will welcome the current relative equality between the sexes; they can aspire to be almost any people they want to be. Even during the early twentieth century, this was hardly possible. Mary Wollstonecraft might have opened the literary and ideological door...
  2. J

    Relative fuel consumption

    Hi folks, I am currently reading a lot on allied bombing during WWII and was wondering how much bombing (especially of the USAAF and RAF) was dependent on weather conditions. Intuitively, I would think that more wind, for instance, should result in further distances flown by the allies because...
  3. I

    Name of WWII-era song

    Anyone know this WWII-era song that plays in the video above from 0:01 - 0:10? Yet another video (oddly K-pop) 0:35-0:42 Much appreciated folks!
  4. S

    Polish Hardworkers during WWII

    Hi everybody, I was told by someone that during WWII, some Polish people were volunters to go to work in Germany, because work and life were less hard than in their homeland. For example, that it was possible for a Polish girl from Poznan (not a German living in Poznan) to enlist for going at...
  5. N

    Armed insurgents in Soviet-controlled areas after WWII?

    I would like to learn more about armed insurgents/resistance fighters/terrorists in Soviet-controlled areas after WWII actually ended. I know there were a lot of guerilla activity in these areas during the war, and not all were communist. Many, I suspect, were nationalist and/or fascists. I...
  6. N

    Best inteligence service in WWII?

    What country had the best inteligence service during world war 2? I'm not talking about the largest inteligence agency or even if their country won or lost. It's no help knowing everything if the leaders of your country don't act upon the information or don't have the resources to change what...
  7. W

    France vs Japan in WWII without outside interferance

    Inspired by this thread. https://www.reddit.com/r/whowouldwin/comments/5xt8lt/world_war_2_but_with_only_france_and_poland_vs/ The basic scenarios are: -France and Japan have their prepared forces as the start of WWII in irl and same problems with politics, ecnomics, geography, social, etc...
  8. Futurist

    Was unconditional surrender in regards to Germany in WWII a good policy?

    Was unconditional surrender in regards to Germany in World War II a good policy? As for me, I voted Yes. After the Germans began murdering people--especially, but not only, Jews en masse--I would have become strongly opposed to any policy in regards to Germany in World War II which would not...
  9. Darth Raidius

    Can you make Italy great for once?

    Italy has become the laughingstock of World War II for their performance (or lack thereof), but did they truly have to be? Imagine that you are the head of the Italian Armed Forces, promoted as early as 1922 immediately after the fascist takeover. Mussolini grants you supreme authority to...
  10. N

    What were the plans for your country if WWIII happened?

    Both NATO and the Warsaw Pact had plans for all European and North American countries if war between the two alliances broke out. Have you found out what the plans for your country were for both the WP and NATO? If you are old enough, did you have a role? I'm from Norway and the Norwegian armed...
  11. Futurist

    Does Italy's monarchy survive to the present-day if Italy remains neutral in WWII?

    Without Italian participation in World War II, would Italy's monarchy have survived to the present-day? I know that this is a bit of a random question, but I am curious about this. Indeed, without Italian entry into WWII, Mussolini's regime survives and he probably lives long enough to die a...
  12. Futurist

    With no WWII, would France be less willing to give up its colonial empire?

    With no WWII--or even with a WWII but with no Fall of France--would France be less willing to give up its colonial empire? I am asking this because, in our TL, France was liberated from the Nazis by Britain and the U.S. and got security guarantees from the U.S. in the form of NATO after the...
  13. M

    Question on on how anti-tank units in WWII arranged

    A quick question on anti-tank guns in WWII. Were an army's anti-tank guns distributed evenly among divisions or where they placed in specialist areas? For example anti-tank guns can be centered with mechanized divisions so it they can plug gaps quickly, or escort tank divisions. (I believe...
  14. M

    Who had the best infantry organization and weapons in WWII?

    Who had the best infantry organization and weapons in WWII? This goes for rifle infantry, mounted and mechanized infantry and paratroopers in general. It is often said the Germans had the best with their doctrine being centered around the MG-34/42. I also hear the Soviets where more suited for...
  15. Naima

    US lost all wars since WWII?

    According to the Documentary "Where to invade Next" US since their boom as superpower didn't win any war anymore . Why so ?
  16. N

    Imperial Japanese ski troops in WWII

    I just found out Japan had ski troops trained in case of a war against the Soviet Union in the1940's. Does anyone know more about this? On the Axis Forum there was a quick reference to Norwegians training them in skiing. I've never heard about this before. Any information about this is most welcome.
  17. B

    Why 78K MIA in WWII?

    I saw there are about 78K MIA and 405K KIA US military from WWII. I was wondering why so many MIA. I have a relative who is MIA from the Battle of the Bulge. I have no idea what happened to him, but I thought that early in the battle large number were wiped out, so they often couldn't be...
  18. N

    German weather station in Canada during WWII

    I just read a short piece about the German weather station called "Kurt" on Martin Bay on Labrador. The Germans had 26 automatic weather stations called Wette-Funkgerat Land. One was transported to Canada by the submarine U-537 in 1943. It was unmanned and it broadcasted a two-minute weather...
  19. F

    Why aren't great commanders in WW I & II worthy of consideration for GOAT?

    Why is none of the commanders who fought in WWI and WWII considered worthy of nomination for the "greatest commander of all time" or even "top 10 commanders of all time"? I think it's because the strength and sophistication of their opponents were so unprecedented that no commander could be in...
  20. notgivenaway

    WWII alternates...

    Just some random thoughts: 1 - RAF loses the Battle of Britain but UK wins Sealion The RAF is depleted, but Operation Sealion is a disaster. The British use chemical weapons to destroy the Nazi invading forces, and the Royal Navy destroyed the German troop-carrying barges. With the immense...