1. E

    Meaning of this qoute about Napoleon and Louis XVIII

    What were the achievements? and am befuddled by this quote French historian Jacques Godechot points out “The French were strongly attached to the essential achievements of the Revolution, and Louis XVIII had come back ‘in the baggage train of the foreigners’ with the last surviving émigrés...
  2. B

    Mercantilism and the growth of economy of England (XVII and XVIII century).

    Hello. I'm mathematics and economics student from University of Warsaw. I've been asked to write a paper entitled 'Mercantilism and the growth of economy of England' for Economic History classes. At the very begging I think to write in the following order : 1. History of England until XVIII...
  3. CathareHeretic

    The correspondence of prince talleyrand and king louis xviii. During the congress of

    LETTER XXXVI. No. 19. Vienna, 4th January, 1815. SIRE, I have received the letter of the 23rd of last month, with which your Majesty has deigned to honor me. On the 21st of the present month, the anniversary of a day of horror and eternal mourning, a solemn expiatory service will be...
  4. jeroenrottgering

    Why did Louis XVIII not live in Versailles again after 1815?

    The question is pretty simple.