1. R

    South Dakota Class vs. Yamato Class

    Which one of these would survive a one on one fight to the finish if it took place in 1944 or 1945? The South Dakota had better maneuverability due to being a lot smaller and had better fire control, but unlike the Iowa class it could not outrun the Yamato.
  2. Haakbus

    Were Paekche and Shilla vassals of Yamato?

    According to the Nihon Shoki, possibly the Samguk Sagi, and one interpretation of the Kwanggaet'o stele, Paekche and Shilla were vassals of Yamato and paid tribute. We do know the Nihon Shoki has a lot of myth and a political slant that may not reflect reality. Supposedly they sent their...
  3. R

    South Dakota class vs Yamato

    Who would win? Would the SD class' 16 inch guns be able to penetrate Yamato's main armor belt of turret armor? The SD class is a lot smaller than the Yamato so it may be able to outmaneuver it and dodge Yamato's shells while using its FC radar to land accurate hits on Yamato.
  4. RomaVictrix

    Why did Yamato Japan aid Korea's Baekje against Silla and Tang-dynasty China?

    [I originally posted this thread at the TWC forums.] I honestly don't understand what the Japanese (Empress Saimei and her successor Emperor Tenji) had to gain in helping Buyeo Pung in his attempt to restore the Korean Baekje Kingdom after its fall to the joint forces of Korean Silla and Tang...
  5. M

    The Yamato survives; Museum prize of war or Operation Crossroads?

    The thread title says it all; would the great white elephant of the Japanese fleet have joined Operation Crossroads and died after a few tests or would we get to see it displayed in all it's awesome power a permanent sign of victory over Japan?
  6. Francois le Francais

    Recycling the Yamato and Musashi's wrecks ?

    Those were the biggest battleships ever built. Their weight was like 70.000 tons, mainly of steel. And steel was precious, especially during wartime and reconstruction time. Why US didnt try to get back those 140.000 tons of steel ? It should have represented a big amount of money. And i guess...
  7. Bucketfoot

    NEW BOOK-"The World Wonder'd"- IJN vs Taffy 3 at Leyte Gulf

    Robert Lundgren's work on the Battle off Samar Island on 10/25/1944 is now out IN HARDCOVER and Kindle. It is called "The World Wonder'd - What Really Happened Off Samar". This was a 10-year project and will, I believe, re-write the American understanding of what happened on that morning when...
  8. Bucketfoot

    Hello fans of WW2 in the Pacific!!

    Hi folks. I'm a former USAF officer and amateur historian (among other things), with a particular interest in all things WW2, in which my father fought for 3 years - behind Nazi lines in occupied Europe. I always had a fascination with the Pacific War, and several years ago I decided to do...
  9. H


    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yamato_(film) Otoko-Tachi No YAMATO 男���大和 (2005) FULL MOVIE ENG. SUB. - YouTube
  10. Thegn Ansgar

    Ainu and Yamato people history

    So I've recently become interested in the history of the Ainu people of Japan, but I'm curious as to their origins. I've read numerous different things about them, and there's a lot of conflicting information. Some for example say that they're the true indigenous people of Japan, others say they...
  11. f0ma

    The 'Queen Country' and the formation of the Yamato State

    I was wondering if I could seek out some members opinions, in the hope of sparking a new debate, on the subject of the Japanese shaman queen Himiko and her role in the formation of a centralized Japanese imperial state. Himiko ruled a Kyushu state in the mid third century and the Yamato state...