1. Futurist

    Louis-Philippe Dies Young and there is no "Miracle Baby" in 1820

    Here is an interesting scenario which I came up with: Let's say that Louis-Philippe, Duke of Orleans (and future King of France in real life) dies young--specifically sometime before 1810 (which is when he had his first son). He can die of disease, get assassinated, get killed in warfare, et...
  2. JM1906

    What do you think it happened to Rafaelo's Portrait of a Young Man?

    Is it still out there?
  3. xMathFanx

    Are Public Schools Designed to be Propaganda Systems to Indoctrinate the Young?

    Are Public Schools Designed to be Propaganda Systems to Indoctrinate the Young? Are Public Schools designed to be propaganda systems to indoctrinate the young or are the overwhelming majority of the Adult population (i.e. parents, teachers, principles, school administration, politicians, US...
  4. tomar

    London the world capital for acid attacks on young men

    Torture in a bottle: London's acid attack problem - CNN If its trending in London , it will no doubt soon trend in other capitals Thoughts ?
  5. M

    Time-Traveler gives a young Joseph Smith a Choice (Humanity without Mormonism)

    Joseph Smith is the founder of the Mormon religion which has a huge following in America But what if Smith did not found Mormonism? 1817 AD, United States of America Still a young boy, Joseph Smith meets a rich stranger claiming to be somebody from the future The Time-Traveler tells him of...
  6. S

    Portraits of Young Queen Victoria

    The new 18 year old queen is supposed to have sat for a number of portraits in her first year including the British-American Thomas Sully. His full height portrait is well known and there are many copies. However, I've not seen any others from this early time as queen. Xavier Winterhalter...
  7. sparky

    Teaching young soldiers

    . teaching young soldiers has since time immemorial involved a great amount of contempt and shouting , as warfare became more technical , this had to change . During the 20th century ,various training courses , manuals , cartoons and movies were made to engage bored young men attention one...
  8. P

    The Young or the Old Bonaparte

    As Napoleon is my favourite subject of study I recently came by this thought. Often in works written on Napoleon you find authors favouring either the young or the old Bonaparte over the other as an area of study. The young often considered being more dashing, flashy, quick minded, daring...
  9. C

    George Washington as a very young child

    I've wondered about something ever since I was a child: was George Washington ever a normal kid? By that I mean, do you think he ever misbehaved or threw a temper tantrum? Or was he such an amazing person and so... George Washington-y that he was poised, dignified, and leaderlike even at two and...
  10. Jake10

    Why is it that so many young people in America don't want to live any more?

    It's good to see that people are driving better, but now young kids are killing themselves so much that their chances of suicide are as likely as dying from a car accident. The red line is suicide, and the blue line is traffic accidents, while the gray line is homicides...
  11. Earl_of_Rochester

    Do healthy, young homeless people choose to be homeless?

    Do young men/women who're otherwise healthy and mentally stable choose to be homeless? I recall watching a cheesy BBC production years ago about some homeless kid who was begging on the street and a guy went up to him and handed him a note which read 'Join the Army'. The Army/forces would have...
  12. VHS

    Japanese anime and manga: the shoujo (young girl) heroine

    While Japan is a highly patriarchal society, the shoujo (young girl) heroine is quite common. Lafiel in the Senkai series is a good example (but this series was a little unusual amongst Japanese novels, mangas, or animes; it features a few female generals as well as a reigning empress...
  13. Space Shark

    Wilhelm II dies young

    It seems to me that Wilhelm II was a bag of insecurities and bad decision making. What if he dies young, making his brother Henry the future Kaiser? From what I know Henry was more amiable and quite the opposite of his brother.
  14. P

    Young History Student Here

    Ave! I am majoring in economics and history in my first year at university. My main interest is military and political history. I also love historical action movies (hence the troy pic lmao) and I'm sure there are many here who enjoy these slightly liberal interpretations of historical events...
  15. Jake10

    Why have young people in Japan lost interest in sex?

    Increasingly, young people date less and men don't want to get married in Japan. I just wonder if this will be a trend throughout the world? Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex? | World news | The Guardian
  16. Space Shark

    French succession if Louis XV dies young

    Prior to the assention of Louis XV as king of France, his grandfather, father, and older brother had all predeceased him. This meant that the senior line of the Bourbons was put in jeopardy. Normally, Louis XV's heir would have been Philip of Anjou, but after becoming king of Spain, Philip was...
  17. G

    The Young Princes Live

    In the Fall and Spring of 1782-83 two of King George III and Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz's youngest children Prince Octavius and Prince Alfred died following being inoculated for small pox. Prince Alfred being the younger son who predeceased Octavius. During this same period the Queen was...
  18. funakison

    Teenage Generals.

    Alexander the Great is perhaps the best known of Histories 'boy generals', Who else comes to mind.
  19. C

    Were the Young Turks fascists?

    Let's see: they had a mystical affinity for the Turkic lands, believed in a strong Turkic state, and opposed minorities. What are some other fascist beliefs that the Young Turks had?
  20. C

    How far do you think the Young Turks would have gotten in their "pan-Turkic state"?

    How far do you think the Young Turks would have gotten in their "pan-Turkic state"? The Committee of Union and Progress (or the Young Turks) were the political group in charge of the Ottoman Empire at the time of World War I. They were the group responsible for the Armenian, Greek and Assyrian...