1. Kahu

    New Zealand's ancient penguin was as big as a human

    New Zealand's ancient penguin was as big as a human Fossils of a giant man-sized penguin that once roamed New Zealand sat on a shelf for years before scientists started exploring their secrets. The bones were found in a chunk of rock on an Otago beach in 2004. The creature measured nearly...
  2. Kahu

    2 000+ Earthquakes in New Zealand 2016

    The earthquake ruptured on multiple fault lines in a complex sequence that lasted for more than one minute. Its cumulative magnitude of 7.8 makes it one of the world's three largest earthquakes in 2016, and second in magnitude to only one New Zealand earthquake since European settlement of the...
  3. B

    Why so few natives in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand?

    Were there few to start with or was it British policy to kill them off?
  4. England Expects

    Should New Zealand change its flag?

    Personally I see nothing wrong with the current one and it reflects alot of New Zealand's history.
  5. The Wolf

    Kia Ora from New Zealand!

    Hello there! I'm James; a history Honours student from New Zealand. I came across this fine forum while Googling and thought I would try my luck here. My main interest is military history, especially history revolving around World War Two - I am also an aspiring author and am currently working...
  6. voxhistoria

    Ahoy from New Zealand

    A good morning to everyone from Auckland, New Zealand. I am looking out my window straight across to Rangitoto, a beautiful, volcanic island of about 2300 hectares that emerged into the Hauraki Gulf only around 700 years ago in a series of explosions. I am fond of NZ history and the history...
  7. weezer17

    Historic sites in Australia and New Zealand

    I'm planning a trip for my family to the Trans-Tasman countries, and being a history buff I started putting together a list of must-visit sites from important events. I made this list using the UNESCO World Heritage Sites as a starting point: Australia Kakadu National Park (NT) Willandra Lakes...
  8. A

    New Zealand WW1

    I have to research a soldier, who was killed in world war 1, he was part of the Pioneer battalion, and was killed in action on the 19th of November 1917. I can't work out what battle this was, would anyone have any ideas? Thanks so much guys.
  9. S

    hi from New Zealand

    Just wanting to pay hi to historum and to introduce myself. Im from New Zealand and have always had a passion for history. I started with world war 2, and probably see it as my strongest topic, but am now well read on most eras and topics. I enjoy reading and studying geo politics and military...
  10. N

    Hello from New Zealand

    I'm Vanessa, I am in my last year of an undergraduate in History and English. My two big loves in history are Medieval and New Zealand. I am also fascinated by the migration of people from Africa onwards. I would like to get my PhD and lecture. :)
  11. C

    Tena koutou from New Zealand

    Hi there I'm a 37 year old copywriter/marketing guy and history fan. Am interested in any discussions of colonial and modern history in the South Pacific (naturally), plus Classical, European, Chinese and 20th Century military & social history. And anything else that looks interesting, no...
  12. Beaver pelt

    New Zealand to vote on flag change

    BBC - New Zealand to hold referendum on national flag Apparently the prime minister wants to distance the flag from a "post-colonial" era which has passed. I'm not particularly familiar with New Zealand, would this vote get significant support? If they do vote to change flags, which design...
  13. G

    20 beached pilot whales killed in New Zealand

    20 beached pilot whales killed in New Zealand - YouTube
  14. G

    Kia ora from New Zealand

    Hi there I'm a freshly graduated BA student from New Zealand (History major) glad to have found this forum. Looking forward to browsing through here. My interests are New Zealand and European history particularly the Eastern Europe region. Looking forward to taking part in the discussions!
  15. N

    Kia ora From New Zealand

    Hi all As you all might of guessed I am from New Zealand. I am a 22 year old student about to to graduate with a Bachelor of arts majored in History and Maori development. Next year I will begin writing a thesis for my Masters of Arts qualification involving the Treaty of Waitangi (Binding...
  16. C

    When the Irish ruled New Zealand

    Here we go, the wee folk of far away. Thor in the South Pacific - Ancient Celtic New Zealand http://www.celticnz.co.nz/Bes%20&%20Thor/Bes&Taranis.htm‎ Maori oral traditions clearly state that, upon arrival in New Zealand, Maori found ... The inhabitants were described as having skin...
  17. Korin

    Why was New Zealand one of last places people visited ?

    It's only traced back to 700 years of humans settling there, why? that's baby like.
  18. J

    Hello from New Zealand

    Hi all My name is Jordan. I am a Bachelor of arts student from New Zealand and passionate about history. My main focuses are British, Eastern European and Pacific/Oceanian history. However, I am constantly reading about other regions. Looking forward to taking part in the discussions!
  19. 2

    hello from new zealand

    hey guys, was just cruising the web and discovered this, it will be good to talk to others who share my interest in history as my wife and four year old get bored with my rants!!
  20. DravidianIndia

    Aryan British propaganda against Maoris of New Zealand

    This is Maori history according to the Britishers of the 19th century: 5. The Aryan M MAORI RELIGION AND MYTHOLOGY, Eward Shortland, 1882: THE ARYAN MAORI, Edward Tregear, 1885 from The Aryan Maori - Ideas of M I found this to be very similar to what they did in India and I'm glad to...