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who would you side with France or England and why

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Jan 2019
Not sure the English ever had a medieval army of 50,000 men even with a Flemish presence. And yes, the wine and wool trade was essential to England's prosperity but as far as Edward's claim being useless, that's a bold statement. In fact his claim would and should have been consummated had he and his son survived.

And Larry, hindsight is of course 20/20. The English parliament struggled to fund further expeditions to France in the face of increasing resistance from Henry V1's acolytes who were more intent on feathering their own nests than pursuing a foreign adventure that was seen to be flogging a dead horse. But...the 'project' was certainly worth the effort and in my humble opinion eminently achievable.
Apr 2014
Liverpool, England
I think it is true that the English are better informed on the earlier part of the war - up to Agincourt. This is probably not through deliberate deception so much as because this period is more entertaining to read about if you happen to be English. For the rest of the war, Joan of Arc about covers it.

I also understand that when Edward III started the war, it was not to obtain the French crown. He needed Burgundy as an ally, but the Burgundians were bound by a solemn oath to support the kings of France. Edward's answer: "No problem. Actually, I am the rightful king of France!" This caused some concern in England, where people could see where this might lead if Edward won. To them Edward said that he was only claiming the French crown to get the Burgundians onside and didn't really mean it. Henry V's parliament was apparently not so astute.

As usual, I can't lay hands on my source for this - a life of Edward III.
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Ad Honorem
Jun 2015
Both had legitimate concerns, but it was a power grab and show between the English and French kings.
I don't think any side was more "in the right" in any sense.
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