1809 Mock US Government Simulation

Dec 2018
Hong Kong
Hello, I'm new here, but seeing this is a forum for history, I would like to advertise this Discord based government simulation game known as 1809 Mock US Government. If you want to be a politician in the early United States? Then join this Mock Gov! If you want to be President, announce your candidacy, make a glorious speech, and campaign in the 17 states and crush your opponents. You can be a Representative, Senator, Governor, or President! And also, we are at a crucial point in the sim's American history, drafting legislation on the gradual abolition of slavery.

There are two parties at the moment (following the First Party System), Democratic Republican and Federalist. In this sim, American political history has diverged, and Democratic Republicans are Jacobins, anti slavery, pro decentralised government, pro-tariff, pro-national bank, pro-universal suffrage, pro-wealth distribution, pro-women and native rights, whereas Federalists are reactionary rightists with a minority moderate wing and are frankly unpredictable because of one part of the party represented by a pro-slavery wing, the other being an abolitionist wing. Furthermore, The Democratic-Republican are more egalitarian than the Federalists were. While wealthy merchants and planters formed the core of the Federalist leadership, members of the Democratic-Republican societies in cities like Philadelphia and New York came from urban workers. The Democratic Republican Party also has support in the South, from farmers, rural workers, rural merchants and rural artisans. The Democratic Republican Party is also in support of the French Revolution and the First French Empire, while Federalists are in support of the colonial oppressors, the British

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