1906 Athens Olympics (Intercalated Games)


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Mar 2019
Today marks the opening ceremony of these important, though largely forgotten games. At one time they were considered part of the Olympics but over time the IOC has reduced their acknowledgement to the point they are not listed any longer as an official games.

After the debacles of the 1900 and 1904 games where events were spread over months and the games themselves were usually part of something else, such as the Louisiana Purchase expo. It was decided a more compact and dedicated event needed to be held

The games ran from the 22nd of April till the 2nd of May. 864 athletes from 20 countries participated.

The games were also the first where athletes marched behind their national flags in the opening ceremony.

The games were also the first to have a recognizable closing ceremony with a mass demonstration dancing and singing by school children.

Much of the blueprint for a modern Olympics was tested successfully at these games ensuring the Olympic movement would continue the process of defining itself as one of the premier events on the world calendar.