1914 Germany is moved to 1850


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May 2014
It did for Bismarck in the 1870's (Kulturkampf).

Fair enough, I didn't know that. Maybe add mostly Protestant to the criteria I had above (German speaking and former HRE land).

I did some quick economic digging and I hadn't realised just how important the economic impact would be. Source is: List of regions by past GDP (PPP) - Wikipedia
With some geometric interpolation Germany in 1913 was 6 times richer than in 1850. Germany in 1913 had a larger GDP than the rest of Europe put together in 1850. It would count for over 20% of the whole world's GDP. For comparison, that's the fraction of the world's GDP that France, the UK and Germany *put together* had in 1913. And that's before taking into account the extra wealth they could have for a little extra land and control of the sea born trade routes.
Would this necessitate aggressive German expansion of trade and commerce so that Germany could grow its economy even further?

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