19th/20th century Asian expansionism?


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May 2014
What I have in mind is the period after European powers and USA by use of force "opened" the larger parts of Asia, until late 20th. century. The "expansive" or "imperialist" powers were those mentioned, but then also at least the Japanese until 1945. Who else? Has some modern nationalist, not from Japan also adopted expansionist dreams and practices? As far as they have existed (here some movements more based upon religion than nationality may be included), how then did they differ from the European ones?
This is technically 19th century: The Vietnamese conquest of Champa only ended in 1832:

Champa - Wikipedia
Dec 2011
Can you link me an article detailing this?

Maddison Project Database 2018 | Releases | Maddison Historical Statistics | Historical Development | University of Groningen

The GDP per capita estimates in the Maddison database for China and Japan pre-1850 are few, but they indicate that Japan passed China at some point during the 18th century. Bassino etal give a more detailed view, but, again, Japan seems to have passed China during the 18th century.

As fort state capacity, you can look here:
Moriguchi, Chiaki etal (2014): Asia's little Divergence. State Capacity in China and Japan before 1850.

For a more comprehensive overview:
Van Zanden, Jan L. (2009): The Long Road to the Industrial Revolution.

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