3rd battle of Panipat.

Oct 2015
Third Battle of Panipat (1761) | History of Pashtuns

Excellent post describing what happened on that fateful day. This battle is very famous among Afghans and Muslims of subcontinent because we not only stopped Maratha raids into Afghanistan we defeated and destroyed maratha force so badly that they did not try to fight Afgans once again.

Victorious Shah baba called darbar in Delhi and forced Indian kings to accept that punjab will be under His Afghan rule, rohillah Pushtuns along side shia Persian navabs will rule Gangatic Regions till bengal.
Articles at barmazid.com are generally good, written carefully. My impression is that they are by @Azad67 .

In the above cited article also, a bibliography of eight books is given at end. It will greatly help, if the author could kindly refer in the manner used by professional historians - giving references within the body of article as well as mentioning page numbers of refered books / articles.


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