500 years of Mexican history

Mar 2015
On 10th of February, 1519, Hernan Cortez sailed from Cuba with 11 ships.
He was at that point a rebel, having specifically been ordered to not sail, and sailing anyway.
On which day did Hernan Cortez receive the order to not sail?

On which day did Cortez´ fleet reach Mexico?
Cortez´ expedition finally reached Tenochtitlan on 8th of November, 1519, with about 400 men. Of 500...600 men Cortez sailed with (sources seem to vary) few had died till then, but a few tens had sailed back to Spain, and over a hundred had stayed in Veracruz.

How are Mexicans, in 2019, commemorating/celebrating 500th anniversaries of various events of Cortez´ expedition?

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