50th Anniversary of JFK's Assassination--It's Lasting Effect On Our Country,The World

Mar 2013
Los Angeles
I wanted to share this YouTube musical/visual presentation reflecting on the lasting effects of JFK's assassination almost 50 years ago. I co-wrote the song "Childhood's End" and assisted in the video production.

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ssPibCd-1U"]JFK KENNEDY 50th ANNIVERSARY OF ASSASSINIATION MEMORIAL TRIBUTE (Full Version) - YouTube[/ame]

I've been a lyricist/songwriter all my life, having the good fortune of working with a number of talented and gifted artists over the past 30+ years. The songwriting credit I'm most proud of is providing the words for "Shadowland", a song co-written with Graham Nash and Joe Vitale that appeared on Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young's first reunion album, "American Dream", certified platinum in 1989.

I was hoping someone might connect with this song and visual production in some way. Unfortunately, these days many young people today aren't fully aware of the lasting effect President Kennedy's assassination has had on our country and the world over the past fifty years. As the saying goes, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". I think it's critical for our future that this moment from our nation's history is never swept under the carpet of the changing times. We owe that much to our children, our children's children and the future generations that are here long after we are gone..

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Rick Ryan
Mar 2013
Los Angeles
Not A Commentary On


Just wanted to mention that this song and video production is in no way a commentary on who killed JFK...whether it was Oswald alone (which I cannot accept) or some sort of conspiracy. It's simply a reflection on the impact his assassination had on our nation and the world...nothing more...
Dec 2010
I don't think that tragedy is being swept under the rug so much as simply getting overwhelmed by wars and other major events during subsequent presidencies. They, and the personalities involved, are nearer to the present, so for many might seem more important. They also are better documented as to what actually happened. With JFK we can only speculate what might have been had he served out two terms.

Childhood's End is a perfect title to your production, in my opinion.
Mar 2013
Los Angeles

Forgot to mention the guy who did the visual production's name is Leonard Ross. You won't see his name in credits at end. Believe it or not, he viewed the entire thing as kind of bigger than himself...as some sort of gift to be given. Lenny's a real bohemian dude. Works as a caretaker for folks with Downs Syndrome. Just thought I'd give him the credit he deserves...whether it's at all interesting to anybody or not...


Ad Honorem
Mar 2010
Baltimore, Maryland
50 years of innocence/naivete gone. I won't bring up conspiracy stuff because there's already a thread on that, but Kennedy was the first and only time that we had a relatively young WW II era president. He was handsome, had a pretty wife, cute kids, a photogenic, large and famous family, was bright and a great speaker.

After he was shot, we got the non-photogenic, poor speaker Lyndon Johnson, followed by the paranoid, skuldugger Nixon. Idealism gone. The conspiracy stuff punctured the veil of the perfect Kennedy family and exposed its warts. Things have never gotten back on track, idealism-wise, since then.
Nov 2010
He was quite lucky politically. If he wasn't assassinated he would have become mired in sexual and political scandals.

Politically his memory has been preserved relatively unscathed by his death.


Ad Honorem
Jan 2013
To be honest I think the lasting affects of his assassination are exaggerated. Within a certain romantic minority Kennedy's death still lingers today. No offence to the OP but the US would have completely gotten over the event had not countless film-makers and authors continued to look back fondly at the Camelot myth. Continually bringing up an event does not help a society to move on.

Just as with the Vietnam War, American society is generally able to put these events behind it fairly quickly.


Ad Honoris
Apr 2011
What Flaxman said is probably accurate. Kennedy had the name and the money that propelled him to popularity. During the 1960 campaign his family was spread out all over Appalachia, reportedly, buying votes for him.

He was young, handsome and had a beautiful wife when the youth and the females of The United States were ready to take charge of the country. We have all been made aware of his promiscuity, however, that has not daunted his image with the generations of Americans that have followed his own.

I really miss the early 1960's.