60’s & 80’s = culturally ‘hybrid’ or ‘transitional’ decades?, 70’s & 90’s = culturally ‘set’ or ‘distinct’ decades?

Oct 2017
America ??
Hi y’all. Hope your day is going well.

I along with my peers tend to be rather very nostalgic fellows.

Anyhow, I wanted to share an observation of mine, very quick superficial mind you, more just a thought experiment, more child talk than anything. So, how do I communicate my very superficial observation? I’ll give it my best try below.

Without further undo:

The 1950’s, 1970’s, & 1990’s seem to have a more overall distinct theme, culture & technology, while the 1960’s & 1980’s overall theme & culture seems to be a ‘transition’ or ‘hybrid’ of their neighboring decades’ theme & culture. Basically, theme & culturally speaking at least, the 60’s seems to be a transition or hybrid between the 50’s & 70’s, while the 80’s seems to be likewise transition or hybrid between the 70’s & 90’s.

Of course, all decades are a hybrid or transition between each other, but I’ve noticed that the decades for the second half of the 20th century, or the counter-culture from classic to modern, follows these unique hybrid or transitional vs set or distinct patterns.

Those are the terms I can think of for now, & am still deciding which terms to stick to. If you can think of better terms for what I’m talking about, please do share so! But I don’t imagine it would be too difficult to understand what I’m talking about, will it?

Since I’m a 90’s baby, I didn’t experience prior decades so must rely on observations on the media of those times. I’ve noticed that my childhood decade, the 2000’s, seems to be a transitional or hybrid decade between the 90’s & this decade, which already seems to have a distinct culture & theme. Whether this pattern will continue for the future 20’s & 30’s, & the decades following, we’ll have to wait at least 20 years for a proper answer, wont we?

This might just turn out to be uniquely a 20th century thing, unique to the counter-culture transition from classic to modern. If that’s the case, then the 90’s theme may turn out to be the end of the counter-culture process, like if the 50’s theme was the start of the counter-culture process & an accumulation of the progress & events of the first half of the 20th century, & that this century may turn out to be unique in its own way. What about for the decades of the pre- counter culture first half of the 20th century? Would you know whether they follow a similar pattern or whether it just turns out to be unique to the counter-culture?

What are your thoughts?
Feb 2017
Some thoughts:

The 90's were a transitional decade in Sub-Saharan Africa.. if you get my drift.

Your interpretation sounds like a way of placing structure on something that has no real structure, lots of subjective judgement not backed up by facts.

Since the agricultural revolution social change has been so rapid that there hasn't really been precedent for many of the centuries that have passed recently, and that will probably continue to be the case for a long time.


Ad Honorem
Jun 2014
In my opinion, things cycle, or swing back and forth like a pendulum over time. I don't believe the measurement of a decade, or something even close to it, is an accurate measurement of distinct epochs. As one born in the 60s, I recall the early 70s to be much like the mid to late 60s. The mid 70s seemed to transition into the early 80s. The mid to late 80s were kind of their own animal.
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