80th Anniversary of the Beginning of World War Two


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Jan 2017
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Only within the domains of the European empires. The fighting off the coast of South America quite specifically did not involve the South American countries.
Yes, but the domains of the European empires were quite large and covered much of the world at the time.

And in September 1939, it did NOT involve all of those countries.
Out of those numbered, only Italy did not join the war in September 1939.
May 2017
France and England discovered suddenly on september 39 that Goehring was not the father Christmas ? It is hypocrisis...the Luftwaffe had bombed Guernika during the war of Spain and at each time german pilots were caught by republicans,their diplomats asked immediatly the liberation of them...


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Jul 2014
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There are certainly wars that can be considered World wars prior to WW1. The Napoleonic wars took place over multiple continents, for example.

As for why we learn that? Because it was the common view amongst popular histories taught in Europe. It's not surprising that European schools will take a Eurocentric view. There's nothing wrong with that but as historians, we look at a wider context. After all, we celebrate a V-E day, and there are separate V-J days. I'm sure if you asked a Korean, they might tell you the war started in 1910.
Sure, or the Seven Years War, by many considered the first major conflict of this kind.

I'm not sure V-E and V-J days are directly connected with that though, just two major theatres that has separate ends. Even in Europe, there was fighting going on for days after V-E day, with one of the last battles and surrenders right here in my neck of the woods. Just when would we start calling it a world war though? After Germany attacking France, which saw the deployment of colonial forces, the British attack of Mers-el-Kebir, the start of land fights in Africa, Japan getting involved in the war? I guess it all depends on how you look at it. Like why is the attack on Poland considered the start of the war and not the invasion of Czechoslovakia – because it had no serious response from the big powers. With the Japanese in China and Korea it's also weird, like you said. We all know it's closely connected with ww2 but somehow it doesn't feel quite part of it, like Italy in Ethiopia or Albania.


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Jan 2017
WW2 can be seen as an Opera
China , Spain , Munich as the ouverture creating the anticipation and the mood
September 39 as first act
1941 as the second act
1943 to the end as a grand finale

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