80th Anniversary of the Beginning of World War Two


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May 2014
@Valens: Do you have a source claiming that German generals considered a coup against Hitler during the Rhineland crisis? I know of the Oster Conspiracy during the Sudeten crisis, but I haven't heard of any plans being made during the Rhineland crisis. Honestly, participating in an anti-Nazi coup attempt or even plot wasn't exactly consequence-free since if this attempt failed, one was likely to get hanged. :(
Jan 2019
A bit off-topic, but I wonder if Hitler would have been more humane in his war effort against the Soviet Union had the Soviet Union actually signed the Geneva Convention.
Probably not since the German invasion plan hinged on being inhumane, that is they recognised they lack logistical capacity and therefore the Wehrmacht should supply itself as much as possible with local resources. Which in practise means taking food from the peasants and shooting them if they resist to begin with, from there it only gets worse as the peasants resist and try to survive.
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Sep 2016
1. soldiers fighting from all continents, mostly due to the colonial empires that recruited troops from their colonies.
2. fighting spread to much of the world, of course there was fighting in Europe, but also in Asia, Africa, off the coast of South America, on the seas.
In that case Seven Years War or War of Spanish Succession should be considered first World Wars.
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Apr 2014
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WW1 was continuation of Franco - Prussian war and Balkan Wars in that case.
I agree that if you want to understand the First World War you need to know about the Franco-Prussian war (and the Commune), and if you want to understand them you need to know about the Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars, and if you want to understand them...

...the Trojan war.

Having said that, I think there is a clear break between the Franco-Prussian and First World Wars - as compared with the First and Second in which many people participated in both. The Balkan squabbles prior to 1914 are a reasonable suggestion.
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