A book covering the Austrian Succession War (1740-1748)

Dec 2016
Do you know a good book focused in Austrian Succession War (1740-1748)? I am interested in the military aspect of battles: Dettingen, Fontenoy, Lauffeld, Rocoux but it would be also nice to cover politics, alliances and strategy. I am happy to read in english.


Ad Honorem
May 2016
I don’t have any specific academic book about the subject, but I saw these two books quoted a couple of times:

The War of the Austrian Succession, 1740–1748, by Matthew Smith.Anderson: The War of the Austrian Succession, 1740-1748


The War of the Austrian Succession, by Reed Browning:
The War of the Austrian Succession. By Reed Browning. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1993. xviii, 445 pp. Index. Maps. $45.00, hard bound. | Slavic Review | Cambridge Core

And by Christopher Duffy (an author already mentioned in the selected bibliography that I pointed you in the other thread about the 30 years war: https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a423012.pdf)

Military Experience in the Age of Reason

The Army Of Frederick The Great

The Army of Maria Threresa

Note that I never read any of them.

On a more probable light tone, you have the Osprey books, Men-at-Arms series. Just for the Austrian you have four:

The Austrian Army 1740-80 (1) Cavalry;
Austrian Army 1740-80 (2);
The Austrian Army 1740-80 (3) Specialist Troops;
Austrian Frontier Troops 1740-98;