A Different Dynasty


Ad Honorem
Jun 2012
The Yuan Dynasty is falling. Which of the contenders had the best chance to establish a lasting dynasty instead of the Ming?

Here is some background.
There is :

1. Ming Xia.(or Great Xia)
Founded by Ming Yuzhen.
Managed to survive from 1362-1371.
Managed to at least have one succession - of a teenager son. He and his family exiled by the Ming Dynasty to Korea
Failed to Conquer Yunnan.
Disintegrated into regional military commands.

My Analysis. not likely a successor to Yuan

2. Chen Han (or Great Han)
Founded by Chen Youliang, who assassinated the Red Turban leader. Then it fell apart.
They fought a decisive battle at Lake Poyang against Zhu Yuanzhang in 1361. They were defeated. Chen Li succeeded him and was exiled to Korea.

Analysis. good successor candidate, if you butterfly Lake Ponyang.

3. Kingdom of Greater Zhou.
Established by Zhang Shicheng. Lasted 13 years, only one king.
Controlled the lands granaries, salt trade, lower Yangtze
Conquered in a 10 month siege.

My Analysis. Not good.

If anyone has any more info - I would love to hear it.