A Genuine Teddy Roosevelt bear ca.1903. discovered in Dublin, California.

Oct 2015
Dublin, California
After Thirteen years of intense research. To discover it to be the very first style teddy bear. Hand made by Morris and Rose Michtom of Brooklyn, N.Y. In 2014 I sent a photo of my bear to this online photo contest. The Smithsonian Photo Contest. And they posted my bears photo on this other site of theirs. Icon, Smithsonian Photo Contest. Please Google up and see. I am on the 2nd page or in above Google bar Hit MOST VIEWED. See my bears photo comes up most viewed. First. The Smithsonian staff are all experts in research. They know what I have. So far I have the only original, Morris Michtom teddy bear on this computer. My old bear has never come up for auction. He is that rare. He belongs in the Smithsonian Institute.