A good YouTube channel for history?

Nov 2017
Hello everybody,

Are anyone could be indicate me a good YouTube channel with historical documentary?

I prefer one which have a speaker from California because I have some difficulties to understand peoples from Chicago Alabama etc... It's on way but not ready now 😁

Have a nice day dears
Aug 2012
Washington State, USA.
I know a great one. It is called Baz Battles. Accurate as far as I can tell, and it looks real nice when it plays. The narrator sounds like a Brit. He gives a lot of back story about the battles he describes. He uses maps, and graphics while he speaks. It's nice.
No modern stuff so far as far as the battles he covers, but he does have one that features Game of Thrones lore.



Ad Honorem
Jul 2012
Extra History. They cover a variety of historical subjects in anywhere from 1 to 6 episodes depending on the subject. One interesting twist is after they have completed a longer series they will do another episode for it called Lies where they cover their mistakes and simplifications.