A hearty hello from Ontario!

Dec 2019
Evening everybody!

I am so happy to have found this online community. Just browsing quickly through the threads, I'm astounded by the breadth of knowledge and curiosity represented by the members of this forum. I am honoured to join you all in your search through history.

For the most part, I am primarily interested in Victorian British history. Specifically, I find Victorian medicine and science particularly fascinating. Broadly speaking, I am constantly exploring the relation between history, storytelling, and the development of culture and meaning. In this vein, I've started a blog where I hope to explore and encourage this relationship: Take Historic. I've only just begun, but I hope to begin writing and exploring. If you do check out the blog, please let me know what you think.

I look forward to chatting and exploring alongside of all of you here.

Have an amazing evening!

Jun 2017
Hello and Welcome!

You have two fascinating interests. Your blog is quite good and I would have posted a comment but it requires Google. My thoughts are two: first, research on contemporary people often is more difficult than research on deceased people because of privacy restrictions and second, one of the largest obstacles that a biographical researcher faces is "The Good Story". TGS is an account made up to please, impress or astound the listener (commonly called "tall tales"). But you are quite correct: everyone ought to attempt this and I certainly wish you loads of luck!!


Forum Staff
Apr 2010
T'Republic of Yorkshire
Hello @kgsmith87 , welcome to the forum. I'm one of the moderators here. Feel free to ask myself or any of the other moderators (Asherman, Chlodio, AlpinLuke, Edratman) any questions if you have any issues or problems. Please take the time to read the rules here:

Victorian Britain is an area of interest for me too, although I'm really more interested in colonial history. More recently, I've found Victorian social history quite interesting too. So please do post your questions and threads, and I'm sure they'll be fascinating! Please note though - we ask you to refrain from publicising your blog until you've been an active, participating member of the forum for a while.

Happy posting!