A historical person

Oct 2019
1-His father was an inventor

2-He was granted with a prestigious Japanese Award.

3-He made this by the directive of a Frenchman and he had eleven people along with himself.

4-Years later the thing he had done was re-made by someone else and this time it succeeded commercially.

5-He was also interested in botany and had a prize given to amateur botanics.

Who is the person ?
Sep 2019
That is difficult to answer.

Some Japanese awards that exist are:

  • Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum
  • Order of the Paulownia Flowers
  • Order of the Rising Sun
  • Order of the Sacred Treasure
  • Order of Culture
  • Order of the Precious Crown
  • Medal Ribbons: Red, Green, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Dark Blue
Jan 2013
Toronto, Canada
This isn't Xorto's question. He's been posting on multiple sites to find the answer.