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Dec 2014
American Airlines pilots ( I guess not a gang of "conspirators" in a European plot) warned in 2018 that Max were dangerous and reported several incidents with the MCAS system... they complained about the Boeing 737 Max Potential hazard.

In the months before an Ethiopian Airlines crash killed 157 people Sunday, the second recent deadly crash of a Boeing 737 MAX 8 jetliner, American pilots complained to authorities about perceived safety problems with the same aircraft.
Two pilots reported their aircraft unexpectedly pitched nose down after they engaged autopilot following departure. Another pilot reported a “temporary level off” triggered by the aircraft automation. The captain of a flight in November 2018 called part of the aircraft’s flight manual “inadequate and almost criminally insufficient.”

Fortunately...the pilots switched off the Auto-Pilot and flought the plane.

From April to November 2018...Federal Aviation authorities received at least 11 reports concerning the Boeing 737 MAX 8...
It is a poorly designed, dangerous airplane and it was the own American pilots (not European conspirators) who warned of the B737 MAX potential dangers
Nov 2011
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It looks like a serious scandal will develop from the Boring 737 Max affair.
It seems that the American FAA who are responsible for the certification of aircraft and oversight of continued airworthiness of aircraft have long outsourced these prime roles to the aircraft manufacturers themselves. Regarding the 737Max, the large number of questions about the aircraft from pilots and airlines reported to the FAA were simply referred to Boeing. In other words, the manufacturer was marking its own homework.
It seems that the FAA resisted calls to ground the aircraft under pressure from Boeing which resulted in the US being the last major country to do so. A word about President Trump here, some observers (political not technical) have attacked him for not grounding the aircraft, although it wasn't primarily his call. In fact, he overode the FAA on the advice of his personal pilot John Dunkin who, apparently, has substantial airline management and licensing experience as well. Dunkin had been put forward as the new Administrator of the FAA last year, but received opposition both politically and from the Airline Industry themselves and the job has remained unfillled. Dunkin has professional issues with the FAA, particularly with Air Traffic Control and delivered a damming report on the 737 Max after testing one out for Donald Trump, then a private citizen and potential buyer. No doubt he still has the Presidential ear.
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Jul 2016
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Turns out Boeing may have improved their systems by re-writing the manual, a bit! The instructions for the 737/800 had never fully explained to pilots, but (only) 2 fell out of the sky as experienced pilots worked out that the computers were issuing garbage out instructions, so turned the lot off. I trust every relative of a passenger killed, will sue Boeing.
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Dec 2014
Yes.... I read terrible things about Boeing this day.. the most awful... it´s been Boeing produced a wrong plane.. and they discovered the design was wrong.. but they continued on production because of money... I hope no.

Indonesian companies as Lion Air or Garuda have cancelled the orders... and China have ordered 300 Airbus A320Neo!!!

I know the aircraft world.. and I can´t believe Boeing knew the Max was dangerous and prefered to be in silent... I don´t believe because Boeing know the risk means to made a wrong plance and hiding!

But this knew is strange:

Airbus lands massive deal with China.

Whilst Boieng struggles MAX... Airbus had signatured massive ordered: 300 Airbus

By other side GAruda have cancelled Boeing orders and decided to buy Airbus A320

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