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Am new to the forum and would just like to explain my situation (am UK based). I am presently in the process of starting my preparations for my A Level Coursework Question which I have devised- "To what extent was propaganda the most important factor in consolidating Hitler’s power over the Nazi state during 1933 and 1945?". I need views of 3 historians (2 pro the argument that it was,1 against) as the criteria. I understand that my question is going to be largely in favour of the pro side, but believe that there is enough scope for debate in it, which is required for my 3-4000 word piece and I believe I can hopefully produce a piece with a good enough argument, as I do not really have the opportunity to change my Q. All sources must be relevant and at least the size of a chapter or article, though media forms of a similar size are acceptable. So essentially the favour I am asking for is that if anyone knows of a historian (of any nationality) who has made a compelling case for the use of things like Nazi terror or Hitler's charisma as a good indicator of H's consolidation of power, and if so, please send any useful resources in my direction as I have already found 2 historians who are pro the question, Ian Kershaw (The Hitler Myth) and Dick Geary (Hitler and Nazism), but just missing that final source which I need in order to start my intro by next Thursday :)

Thanks a bunch in advance! :)
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Any reason you createf 2 accounts to ask this question? That is against the rules, but I can cut yiu some slack.
Hi there, if the account you are referring to is "Nacreous", that is an account a colleague set up after I had tipped them off about this site and the use it may give. They were sat next to me at the time, and I had also tipped off 1 or 2 other colleagues so apologies if this is not quite the resource suitable for our enquiry.
Thanks :)

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