A level Viking History

Sep 2019
United Kingdom
I need to scavenge together 10 historians and 10 sources from and observing the viking period to be able to choose to do vikings for my A level essay, but i'm struggling to find the 10 of each, they have to be suited to one of the two questions 'Asses the view that the vikings came to England just to rape and pillage' or ' How did the Norse Pagan religion influence their society and decision to raid parts of Europe'. Any advice on where to look? the historians in particular. Thanks for any help.
Aug 2018
When doing historical work, primary sources are always the best, and for the case of Vikings, the best primary sources are this:
-The Poetic Edda
-The Icelandic Sagas
-Snorri Sturlusson
-Saxo Grammaticus
-Adam of Bremen
-The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

The first three are the most widely available in English translations and you can easily find them with a quick internet search. Saxo Grammaticus is not as easy to find but I think that Wisdom Library and Sacred Texts do have translations of his historical work from Latin. Adam of Bremen and the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle are the least available.

If you really need secondary sources from modern authors, start with Hilda Davis Ellison. She is (or was, don't know if she's still alive) one of the foremost authorities on not just Norse religion but of Viking history in general. You can work your way up from her.