A mini-Intermarium is created after the end of WWI


Ad Honoris
May 2014
What if, for whatever reason(s), Poland would have been more successful in the Polish-Soviet War of 1919-1921 and thus would have managed to conquer not only the Kresy, but also all Soviet territory west of the Dnieper River?

OrbisRyu previously made a map to show this situation:

The Republic Of Intermarium - Pilsudski's Dream

Basically, in this scenario, Poland's borders are going to be the same but it is also going to form nominally independent Ukrainian and Belarusian puppet states east of the Kresy (and west of the Dnieper River). Poland and its two puppet states are going to create an EU-style union in this scenario--in other words, a mini-Intermarium. In this scenario, Poland is going to have access to not only the Baltic Sea (through the Polish Corridor) but also to the Black Sea (through Ukraine).

Anyway, what effects would the creation of a mini-Intermarium after the end of WWI have on European politics as well as on Poland's, Ukraine's, and Belarus's development? Any thoughts on this?