A popular Polish flirting game of 20th century

Dec 2017
Hi there! I'm translating this now
there's written here:

The first day at the club was fun, but today I felt like a fish out of water. People played this flirting game and I didn’t get even one card. I’m embarrassed to admit it even to you. Some boy named Julek (not Jurek) supposedly likes me, but why? Maybe because I’m so different from my girlfriends. I’m not saying that’s a good thing—it could even be a bad thing—but I’m very different from them. I don’t even know how to laugh in a flirtatious way. When I laugh, it’s for real. I don’t know how to “behave” around boys. That’s why I miss the old days, when Mamma was still with me, when I had my own home, when there was peace in the world, when everything was blue, bright, serene.​
Does anybody know, what could popular Polish flirting game of 20th century be?
The year you should keep in mind is 1939.