a possibility of Indo Gangetic tradition instead of ''Indus valley civilization'' during the bronze ages?


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Oct 2016
then why middle eastern one is not mentioned?

Do you mean ; why is not the Middle eastern tradition included in the map ?

Because that wasnt the focus of that part of the lecture . Keyoner is talking about regional influences It is included when we get to the latter parts , which is an expansion beyond the region , it talks about people and technologies and material from IVC going to Mesopotamia .


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Dec 2014
Nadi Sukta is a late creation. It mentions Yamuna and Marudvridha (which possibly might be a river going North from around Pushkar, Jaipur. Jaipur municipality is reported to be trying to revive an old river). Setumant/Hetumant/Helmand was probably forgotten after Aryans settled in India. That is why you don't find it in RigVeda but only in Avesta. HaraXvaiti (another Saraswati, like those in Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, Sari-su), sure is Argandhab at least for AMT people.
Ha ha ha, Nadi Sukta is a late creation, Priyamedha is a late Rshi, Grtsamada is a late Rshi, BharadvAja is a late Rshi, blah blah blah. And Vendidad is an age old creation!

Yes, the poor Aryans forgot Setumant but remembered Rasa, Anitabha, Mehtanu, Kubha, etc.. Right, now it makes perfect sense:)
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