A question about India in 1839 - a needed word

Jun 2016

I've been looking for an event and the name for it that I read about long ago.

In it a British Political agent (or Resident) would parade through capital of some Indian independent state along with the Maharajah, his officials, the nobility and the army - a big parade but isn't there a fancier name for such a procession? Hopefully in Hindi, Guajarati, Urdu or Bengali?



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Jun 2014
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Normally we would say 'Savāri' (procession - Hindi, Urdu, Rahasthani). Don't know about Gujarati, Bengali. 'Savār' means someone riding a horse or an elephant. Of course, Nobles, Rajas and Nawabs would ride an elephant. On religious occasions, deities too are taken around for obeisance of the people.

Delhi Darbar (Visit of King George V and Queen Mary - the king made a cardinal mistake of not riding an elephant as people expected and rode on a horse. He later complained of a cold reception), Mysore Dussehra procession, Gangaur procession in Jaipur, Kullu Durssehra procession, Ganesha procession in Mumbai, Kumbha procession in Prayag Raj (Allahabad).



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BTW, thank you Yupmanyav for a fine reply and the help you've given the member. Rather than squabble with others with different POVs, why not use your knowledge to help those ouside SE Asia understand it better. No political or religious agendas, just information and facts that most of our members have little acquaintance with. If you confine yourself to that, you will be an important asset to us all. Continue your past bickering, though you aren't alone, and your time here may be getting short. Clear?


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Apr 2015
Thanks Aupmanyav

So Savāri' would be used instead of जुलूस Juloos or surwarree (I believe this is just a variant spelling)?
Juloos is also correct and far more authentic word than Savari. Juloos means a rally of so many people. Savari can be for single person or many people.
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