A Royal Affair - King Christian VII of Denmark

Mar 2010
Baltimore, Maryland
Saw this last night...A Royal Affair. I don't know exactly why we saw this, except that it was close to dinner and had the right time slot. This movie is in Danish with subtitles. Way back in the 1700's the King of Denmark (Christian VII) was quite a nut cake. His court handlers made all the decisions themselves and, BTW, also kept Denmark back in the 12th century. Enter the German, somehow picked to be the King's MD. He brings not only pills but progressive ideas, takes over managing the King's life and squeezes out the court handlers, who are NOT HAPPY. Things change in Denmark, but, alas, it's not to be, not for a while anyway.

This is a true story, lavishly decorated and costumed, beautifully shot, well acted and full of period detail. I don't know any of the actors and my Danish is a little rusty, but, I found myself surprisingly engaged. It's the only Danish language film I have seen this month and, keeping my mind open, I ended up enjoying it. For fans of Danish royalty, this is a must.
Apr 2016
Raleigh, NC
On the theory that some people may enjoy occasional notes about good films out there, I thought I'd bring up this one again. A Royal Affair is well done, addressing a corner of Europe whose nobles tried to stop the Enlightenment.