A short story of the world of advertising

Jan 2019
A short story of the world of advertising
Summary of "Divertir pour Dominer"- edition "l'échappée"

The world of advertising is born just at the begining of the Industrial Revolution .
The advertising is an obligation in such a world :

a) The productors didn’t know th customers
b) The customers didn’t know the producer or his products
c) Many productors present the same product
d)The product is most of time « not essential to live »
e)The customers are getting out of a rural society and are living in town without »olds » to say them what they must do ,or what they must buy

At the same time the world of cheap newspapers is born too
To sale their newspapers,they must be cheapper than the others .
To be cheapper than the others ,the newspapers must accept advertising .
For the advertiser the solution of the newspaper is the best; in other cases,he must post the advertising to each habitant himself

Both parties have therefor the same interest : a maximum of readers for the minimumal cost .Thus frequently we will see a fusion between the two kinds of companies .

Next step the product is longer« news » on the market and he has concurrents .
The aim in this case is not to inform the public about the existence of a new product but to say that this product is better than that product .
The world of advertising must adapt itself or die ; it must explain now why this one is better than that one …
and to explain this, you must use arguments and present your arguments under a good light …
At this level, you are leaving the world of the information,and you are getting into the world of the interpretation .

The politic world who is looking at that understand quickely the interest of that kind of manipulation of the public opinion .
The next step is therefore the time of the wedding between the world of politics and the world of advertising and newspapers,therefore the world of the money .
The money for the politicians is no more a (illegal) benefit, it’s now an obligation if they want to be reelected or just to survive …

Following step : the scientific world himself participe in the game …
Due the fact that it became more and more difficult to sale a product or a politician (to buy a politician is easy…but to sale him it’s difficult ) …
they are all looking the same ,with no difference between them and their concurents , if you want still win in spite of all,you must use of science and psychology .

Following (and last) level : now …. At this level we must use the heavy artillery ; not only the science of psychology but the last level of neuroscience ,
with nuclear medecine to study the work of the brain in face of a question ,etc …
With that methods, we can no longer speak of « advertising » , we are clearly in the area of the mental manipulations.