Abandoned village at Greece since 1980, video

Feb 2020
Hello to all of you!
Village build from ottomans when Greek people was slave to them .Called Palios Xerias.
At Asia minor war , 1922-1924 when Greece and Turkey have population swaping, many Greek people came to this place and Turkish leave it.
1941 - 1944 village people have to deal with German and Bulgarian invasion and civil war, was the hardest times back then for Greeks generally.
1960 people start progressively to leave the village to find jobs and other places to stay. 1976 new village was starting to build some kilometres near.
1980 new village was ready and the old one was completely abandoned, it's desolate since then,except one or two houses that some decide to rebuild them recently.
Name from new village is Neos (new) Xerias, that appertain to municipality of Nestos until today.
here is the video