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Jul 2011
Toronto, Canada
The photos posted here seem inauthentic to me, putting designer Saree on an anorexic western/westernized model really does not do justice to the authentic aesthetic beauty that one can experience in an Indian beauty wearing a Saree...


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Jun 2011
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I'm just trying to maintain a level of intellectualism in whats clearly a discussion about a lot of sexy babes in Indian Sarees and clothing...

Well, now that you have brought the term, yes they are sexy.

But we were not discussing this. What I found the most beautiful in the woman on the picture I "quoted" were her eyes for example. The eyes, aesthetically (of course it does not mean that sexuality is absent from all this), have always been a hugely important part of the body. It is "basic" aesthetics and it is not intellectual, for sure. But it is not plain sexual desire either.

But you are right to come back to the subject.
Interesting. Where did you read that?
This is what I saw from the Internet, the above says this is a folklore, I find it interesting.

Sarees without a blouse were the norm in ancient India, it won't go down well in today's India though. :zany:
Sari and Blouse isn't just like that?→

Link:Saree Blouse, Sari Blouse, Sari and Blouse
Because of some description, I think this style should be more popular. I'm glad that Rosi can give me more information about that, if I have time to visit India, I will make sure of this:cool:

The above is pure romanticisation of the saree, I'm afraid. It all depends on how you use it. You can use it to flaunt your curves or to hide your face. The latter was a custom quite widespread in northern India (and still is in certain regions) where women cover their faces when stepping out of the house or in front of the older male members of the family. It is called 'purdah' and is akin to the Muslim veil.

The following is an image from an Indian movie called 'Jodhaa Akbar' in which the Rajput princess Jodhaa (on the left, of course) has covered her face with her sari.
Thank you for telling me these. :)


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Jul 2008
Sari and Blouse isn't just like that?→
It is indeed like that and it is the standard way of wearing it. However, the saree has been around for long but the blouse is a much later addition. I tired finding pictures online about how women dressed in ancient India but, unsurprisingly, there's nothing.

Thank you for telling me these. :)
You're welcome. :)