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May 2008
Welcome to Historum Book Discussion.

A suggestion was made here:


Acting on the interest shown, this sub-forum has been created. The purpose of this sub-forum is to allow any interested Historum members to participate in the reading of pre-arranged texts and then discuss those texts together on a weekly basis. Thus, it has been decided to find a book, agree upon a reading plan (ie, number of pages or chapters to be read during any given week) and open a discussion thread on those texts every Sunday. Once a thread has been opened, it will remain open without time limit.

Participation in these discussions is open to all Historum members but is entirely optional and not determined by any pre-arranged agreements. In other words, these threads are open to one and all. It is however, in the spirit of the thing, expected that all participants be familiar with the agreed texts.

Please make any reading suggestions here: http://www.historum.com/showthread.php?t=11550

Thank you.
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