Acorns in archaeology

May 2013

In my last post I talked about Oaks and how useful they were and are to people. The last thing that I said in my last post is that acorns had been eaten by humans since at least late Paleolithic times right up to modern times, and that I would write about acorns and acorn eaters in my next few posts. In this post I will write about archaeological evidence we have for human consumption of acorns during the Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Copper age, Bronze age and Iron age. I hope you find the data presented in this post as eye opening as I did find it, and that you will start seeing acorns in a completely different light from now on.

You can read more here:

Old European culture: Acorns in archaeology

I am currently preparing next post about acorns in historical and anthropological sources. I would appreciate any help regarding either archaeological data regarding acorns found in early medieval sites or any ethnographic data regarding eating of acorns in the north western Europe. Also I have second hand information about acorns being eaten in Armenia, but could not confirm this. Any help here would also be very welcome. Thank you all in advance.

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