Acquiring Knowledge on Military Theory

Feb 2019
I am wondering if there is a good way for a layperson or an Armchair General to acquire literacy and knowledge in military theory. While experience and proper military education are necessary to have a proper understanding of military matters, what is the ''next best thing'' so to speak? Studying military history and the works of people such as Clausewitz or Mahan probably helps, but how much can it teach someone without experience? Then there is always the case of not knowing how the next war will be fought, with the notion that generals always prepare to fight the last war. This being said, what is the best way for a layperson to acquire some military knowledge and just how much can one do so without needing a proper education at a military academy or such.
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Aug 2013
Read the theory, then read case studies of actual battles and wars and try to figure out, with the theory in hand, why something worked and why it didn't. Then I guess the only option to do any practical exercises outside the military are wargames?

Oh and study military logistics too: Logistics Quotes