Additional examples of settler colonialism that could have ultimately culminated into separatism?



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May 2014
In real life, we have seen settler colonialism culminating in separatism in various places. These include Northern Ireland (where there was large opposition towards becoming a part of Ireland after WWI--hence the decision to have Northern Ireland remain part of the UK), Palestine (where the Jewish population--mostly consisting of recent immigrants--did not want to live under Arab rule and thus pushed for secession for a part of Palestine in order to create a Jewish state there), and Texas (where the American settlers who had recently moved to Mexico no longer actually wanted to live under Mexican rule and thus successfully rebelled against Mexico and seceded from it, creating the Republic of Texas). However, what additional realistic examples of there have been of settler colonialism that could have ultimately culminated into separatism? Personally, I can think of French Algeria if France would have actually had the willpower to carve out a part of Algeria for the pieds-noirs to remain in--with this part of Algeria remaining part of France while the rest of Algeria becomes independent. However, what other examples of this could there have realistically been?

Any thoughts on this?


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