Advanced civilization in Africa?

This is a personal issue, an extremely personal one. Aetius and Caesar are cut from the same cloth, I don't know why they waste their time on here. Stormfront would be a much more inviting crowd.

Also, Sudano-Sahelian architecture is every bit as sophisticated and beautiful as stone is, this is a very highly evolved mud/adobe building tradition, as is that of Benin, where a similar yet distinct and very highly developed tradition of building with courses of red clay evolved.

I urge all of you on here to not waste any more of your time, you might as well be arguing with a solid brick wall, although you might have a better chance of getting through to it than to these two jokers.
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Why is anyone here bothering to waste their time with you? Numerous posters here have attempted to educate you on your astonishingly poor knowledge of African history, but you continually keep shifting the goalposts and running from post to post with your tail between your legs.

Unfortunately, posters like you are not an uncommon element on these boards and tend to pop up from time to time. People have attempted to enlighten you about African civilizations and all you do is mock, ignore, or laugh at them. I won't be joining them, posters like you have an agenda to push, you're selling a false narrative here of a savage, primitive Africa but you might want to try selling your goods elsewhere, you're not getting a lot of buyers here.
What do you think caused Mali to turn into a poor country with very poor health statistics (significant amount of people dont have sanitation and clean water) and development today?
The modern day country called mali never really recovered from the devastation wrought by the 1591 Moroccan invasion of Songhai. The cities were burnt to the ground, libraries destroyed, scholars were either killed or deported to Morocco, and even after the occupation things never went back to how they were. Increasing desertification, the loss of forests and arable farming land, centuries of wars and invasions by the tuareg, the fulani, the bambara and the mossi all tore apart the fabric of society. The Atlantic slave trade also took its toll as well, considering slaves were imported from across west africa, and the gold traders now directly sold their wares to European merchants on the atlantic coast.

In short, the trade routes dried up and shifted to the south and east, desertification and instability took their toll. Much like many civilizations throughout the world, mali and songhai declined and never again regained the splendor they had in ages past. Africa is hardly unique in this regard.
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What do you think caused Mali to turn into a poor country with very poor health statistics (significant amount of people dont have sanitation and clean water) and development today?

Same questions can be asked about the area of modern day Syria and Iraq, where in ancient times they housed some of the most breath taking civilizations, but are now war torn countries. Civilizations rise and falls.

But to try and answer your question. The area of modern day Mali was very rich in gold and controlled 2/3 of the worlds gold at one time. Due to that it was one of the reasons the Mali Empire(also Ghana and Songhai) was so rich.

What happened was the new world was discovered and as a result new metal was discovered. And so gold from Sudanic kingdoms like Mali were not needed. Then we have the destruction of Songhai which was a big blow. And as a result smaller kingdoms emerged. By the time of the Atlantic slave trade, Timbuktu and the area of Mali were in a big decline.

Then we have to factor in newly man made borders as a result of colonization; Mali is a landlocked country.

Edit: Oh and like PreColonialAfrica stated the Trans-Sahara Trade routes which made Mali and other Sudanic Kingdoms so rich came to an end.
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Well. . .if you still can't see it, maybe there's nothing I or anyone else can really do for you. That might be a personal issue.
You garbled my sentence so as to make it fit your answer which is weak even by the low standards of this thread.

I wrote: It has been now 11 pages and still almost no sight of advanced civilization in sub-saharan Africa except, with good-will, for late and isolated cases.

...You cut out the bold part....