Adventures of the European Explorers in Africa and the Scramble for Africa

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Romolo Gessi was once pretty famous with several roads and squares named after him and even a mountain in the Ruwenzori chains. It is also fun that what sort of detached him from Gordon was that remark given that Gessi was a very peculiar man: he was the son an English consul of Italian heritage and had as native tongue Italian (though he learnt more than 6 other languages, including English) and both worked and fought for Britain in Crimea and elsewhere, actually having the British citizenship before the Italian one (which he obtained in 1861); yet he fought for Italy during the Risorgimento and in Africa as well, so that's why I think he considered so offensive Gordon's remark.
An interesting figure indeed.
Back to the topic, there is a multitude of Italian explorers who mostly explored Ethiopia, Dancalia, Somalia and the area between Sudan and Kenya, given that most Italian colonial interests lay mostly in the Horn of Africa, a few of them were even butchered by natives in a series of unfortunate circumstances.
P.S. Gessi died of an illness in 1881 and was buried in Ravenna where he came from (he was actually born on a ship for Constantinople).

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