African Archery plz

Apr 2019
Feel free to post anything about African archery! I'm having a hard time finding anything substantial on the types or draw weight etc.
From what I could tell they're all selfbows with low draw weights and short draw lengths. Poison is used to make up for the weaker draw weight and secures kills on the hunt (and battle I'd imagine). Pinch draw or Mediterranean draw is used. good against unarmored targets at close range, weak against heavy armor.

The videos above are from bush tribes, but I managed to find one on Somali archery. Seems about the same.
Somalia's Traditional Game of Archery

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Sep 2014
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Robert Hardy, in THE LONGBOW, (1977) pp. 24-26, discusses the bows and archery of the Lianglu of Kenya. The bows were long, [an example cited was 5'10", i.e., 178 cm] , the draw long {photo on page 26 of the book shows a Lianglu archer drawing his bow, in the photo the draw is to the end of the eyebrow, with more arrow still in front of the bow}. The first bow referred to had a heavy draw.

I'm sure I have seen other photos of Lianglu, showing a draw at least to the ear.