Africans Invented steel

Apr 2017
Northern lands
Dreamhunter, there are only two main migration groups, not three. You can derive all groups from just these two. You don't need three. Occam's razor.
Jul 2018
Southern China is at the same distance from the equator as southern Africa. And we know people with lighter skin lived there. So why not Africa too? The basic features of East Asians are unlike the former "Australoid" natives of East Asia. You said so yourself Dreamhunter. But they are more in common with appearances in Africa. Just imagine an East Asian with black skin. They don't actually look so different. Even the smaller eyes were thought to be common in pre-Bantu Africa or is at least common in some African groups.
The Khoekhoe and San were/are a light-skinned African people who inhabited Southern Africa BEFORE the Bantu migrations.
Apr 2017
All iron smelters can. That was the entire point of the design.

The best steel comes from impurities in the ore such as vanadium and manganese. These elements don't magically appear because a different fuel is used. The ancients knew that some ore deposits produced better steel than others but they wouldn't have known why.

We all know that adding other elements to steel can alter its properties for the better (such as chromium and vanadium) or for the worse.
But that's not the point of the argument.
You made the claim that all furnaces can reach the required temperature. This statement by itself is nonsensical. What do you mean by required temperature? Not all furnace operated at the same temperature for the same length of time. As a result using the same ore, the quality of the bloom can vastly vary because of the temperature and time the high temperature is maintained. You can actually produce low quality iron (usually in the form of tiny beads) at quite a lower temperature.

To obtain a very high quality bloom with the micro structure within the alloy properly distributed, you need good quality coal, a well designed furnace and man power. From a good bloom you produce good steel (this is another process). Now, this is not to dismiss the point that impurities such as vanadium can get into the mix and an unusually high quality batch can be produced. But this is beside the point. What I'm saying is the quality of the steel is because of the bloom not because of the impurities accidentally added. So the process of making good steel is consistent not accidental.
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Apr 2017
Well no, Lemuria is often thought to be an ancient ruined homeland of the Dravidians. The name was coined by early scientists due to the commonality of lemurs among India and Madagascar and places. But if you believe you're from there, that's coming more from the actual legendary homeland "kumari kandam" of the Dravidians. That is more in the context of Atlantis than the continent of the lemurs coined by zoologists. But kumari kandam and Lemuria are often used interchangably, with Atlantis having a similar level of associatedness.

Not interested. Off topic.

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Also the quality of African iron, and furtherly steel, was extremly good. It has been hypothesized this was due to the use of tropical woods with a very high calorific power, which let African smiths to work iron in conditions almost unparaled in the rest of the world.
So for this nonsense to make any sense you have to produce a timber that was available to Africans that has an energy density that is significantly higher than anything that the Europeans used. European hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) has a Gross Calorific Value of 23.22 MJ/kg. Downy birch (Betula pubescens) has a GCV of 22.75 MJ/kg. Silver birch (Betula pendula) has a GCV of 22.53 MJ/kg. We would need an exotic African timber with a GCV that is significantly higher than this. The best I can find is East African Terminalia superba, with a value of 22.22 MJ/kg.

For comparison, most timbers are between 18 and 20 MJ/kg and black coal is over 30 MJ/kg.
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Nov 2017
Why do people always get jelly at the slightest suggestion of advanced Sub-Saharan non-Muslim African civilisations?