Africa's Atlantic islands


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Nov 2010
I always recommend first original sources since they are the base above the rest of works rely on. So Espinosa's book I posted before is a must.

In regard to the conquest, modern historiography is lacking in general works, not so in partial works. The most famous, though a bit outdated, work is that of Rume de Armas, that you can see in this PDF (you can download it)

La conquista de Tenerife : 1494-1496 :: Memoria Digital de Canarias - Textos

It is a hard and arid book, there is no concessions to casual readers there. There is a recent, reburfished publication, but I don't know how to get it since I'm now working out of my islands.

From the archeological and cultural point of view, the classical work of Diego Cuscoy (director of the Archeological Museum of Tenerife) is a must

Los guanches : vida y cultura del primitivo habitante de Tenerife :: Memoria Digital de Canarias - Textos
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