Age of Discovery compared to space exploration?

Oct 2017
America ??
How comparable was the Age of Discovery to our current frontier explorations, Space as well as underwater exploration & colonisation? Both themes are characterised by exploration & colonisation of unknown & newly discovered lands. The age of exploration has often been considered the first wave of globalisation.
What are today’s other frontiers, mountains & caves perhaps? Of course those themes of space & underwater exploration are still in their infancy & it’s still currently uncertain as to how & where they’ll develop, but they sure haven’t failed to inspire much creativity in various fantasy as well as realistic settings. So much so that some space fantasy stories used pirate themes. Think treasure planet & Star Wars.
What d’ye think?
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Feb 2014
I think the USA space exploration may be more comparable to mings 7 voyages. A great empire set out to see if anything of value could be obtained and then decides there were greater threats on its borders and discontinues real exploration. A lost potential in history and a great what if other than the great value satélites around earth brings us.


Ad Honoris
May 2014
I think that the Age of Exploration and its aftermath was noted for the mass European settlement that occurred in the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, et cetera. In contrast, the current space and underwater exploration don't actually have that colonization aspect to them. Maybe they will in the future, but they certainly don't right now.